Monday, December 15


Christmas came a little early for me this year. Actually everything seems to have come in not only early, but also in leaps and bounds this year.

Ok, so just to quickly get the latest off my chest:


Sorry, got a little excited.

Anyways, as I was was a memorable finish for what has been the best year in my whole career.

To be able to win 5 out of the last 6 tournaments I played in (2nd place in Korea) was incredible.

Even before the big wins I was pretty consistent but something was missing;

I needed the US.Open to start the snowball effect. It opened me up as a player. I got rid of one of the "monkeys" on my back. I dared to dream big.

I went on the win the IPT Pro-am event. I know, it wasn't really a big deal but win is a win.

Then in Korea I got 2nd place, lost to Thorsten Hohmann in the finals. He played great.

In Japan, off came the next monkey. I had been in the finals of All Japan Championships 4 times within 10 years, which is a feat in itself. But this time I would not be deterred. I went on to beat Ronnie Alcano 11-2 in the Finals.

Then I went to Philippines as part of the World team to play one of the greatest teams compiled out of the Filipino lads. The World team beat Team Philippines 9-8 after being down 6-8.

It was a great General rehearsal to what became one of the most glorious moments in my Career.
My biggest disappointment, the 2006 fiasco turned into a golden dream as I was finally able to pot the final
9-ball and claim the Mosconi-Cup title as a proud member of Team Europe. I had won all 4 of my singles and
also a big doubles match with Mark Gray. I was chosen MVP, an honor far greater than I can put into words.

I am now speechless, as it is time to go go on a well deserved holiday.

I will speak to you, if not in words then actions some time early next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Mika Immonen a.k.a "The ICEMAN".

Friday, December 12


Hi everybody, I have to make sure to announce that the DVD is ready and you can go ahead and log on to

Check it out. It's the best thing on the market. A real pioneering project. Feedback has been tremendous so far.

Buy it while you're at it. hehehe