Thursday, July 15

I miss Istanbul

Below is the view from nightclub Reina(which we reached by speedboat from the Restaurant 360@GS Island).
The bridge looks stunning with Asian side in the background.

Little did I know, I now realize not only the magical beauty of
Istanbul, but it's people as well. I was treated to some of the most
funnest nights out, original dinners, brunches-literally by the water.

Istanbul stole my heart. I didn't have chance to think twice. Just the
first sight of Bosphorus river up from the hills of the European side
took my breath away. I knew I was in for something special. It still
exceeded all my expectations with it's history and all aspects of
Istanbul as a trading port between Europe and Asia.

I had only five days to get to know some of the city and it's people,
but I did manage to go to most of the must-go places and learned some
of the convenient frases in Turkish. Can you imagine me going through
the Grand Bazaar? One of the shopkeepers tries to grab me speaking his
English luring sentenses- to which I responded in Turkish: "What are
you talking about big brother?" hahaa.

Thank you, my friends, for making my trip so memorable.