Tuesday, October 27


.. .its a weird and an addicting habit. I have to say, it won't come automatically. There will be a point where you really have to earn it. Through perseverance, you just have to see: There is no turning back! Screw that! I am too deep into to this thing. I refuse. I have trained too hard to go quietly into the night. Its like this: If you train for a marathon, you know it won't be easy to run the actual damn thing. For freaking sure there will be some serious self-doubt, some amazing fighting between the angels and demons.

Been there done that. Bought the t-shirt. (I did run the Dublin Marathon back in 1988)

How much does that really sound like a common story between fellow hard-shippers?

Well, you'll know if you can relate to me. I am not trying to say I am better than anybody else but I do know that there is a point where you reach your limits. You just know you did all you can to achieve your dreams. It's not like I played perfect. I played at a level that was way worse than perfect. but as you know, true talent can only be measured by how well you play when you play your worst.

I found that out this week. I didn't feel that I was playing all that well but I managed to stay in the fight because of my mental strength- And I knew that I did all that I could do to get to that point.

No doubt- therefore, no regret. The more your body is in-tuned with your actions the more you you can learn each time you make a mistake, each time you need to replenish, each time you need to sleep.

Don't be afraid to trust your first instincts. Those are always the best. Just give them a chance.

I am sorry, this is starting to be too scientific, but I felt compelled to share.

Yours Truly,


Sunday, October 25

Simply amazing!


...I mean seriously, what just happened?

I'm sitting in a car driving back to New York.
My head hurts. Call it hangover. I think it might
have something to do with the fact that I WON
THE US.OPEN yesterday.

again! Wow.

I'm still in disbelief that it really happened. I lost
my second game in the tournament and went on
a crazy mission to win 14 games in a row to snap
it off from the B-side of the double elimination flow-

Honestly, I'll write more when it has sunken in.

I'm speechless...

Sunday, October 18

US.Open under way

I just stopped by the Q-Master Billiards in Virginia today for some
tuning up. Noticed something on drink menu: