Monday, December 13

Big Day

Dear all,

I know you are probably expecting a picture with the trophies and all the hoopla from the 
York Hall right after the victory was secured, but I decided to start with something that
gives you an idea of our morning of the final day. This, like all the other mornings that week
was a casual gathering of a group of individuals with a lot of heart -- getting ready for battle. 

I am amazed yet again how Johan was able to bring us together in this precious event that
has become a career-must for any serious pool player. He is practical, sensible, a good listener.
But he also has strong conviction in the things that he believes in. It is easy to follow
him. Everybody has tremendous respect for him for his charismatic leadership. Again, thank
you so much for bringing down the house!

In the spirit of the knights we started the Journey as a team in our beloved Italian restaurant, 
La Forchetta, by the Bethnal Green road just a few steps away from York Hall. Fittingly,  it was
a round table gathering. 
I had just arrived slightly late because the highway M4 had decided to become a parking lot for 2 1/2
hours. Good thing I had a great book with me that I was able to finish while waiting. Johan made us all
commit to an agreement which we all signed. He had a European flag made for us which also carried 
our country flags. A version of Code of Arms, if you will. Our first goal was to win the first game, the 
team play 5 on 5. Europe had never won it since the intro of the format 4 or 5 years ago. Done. 

Another goal in our search for the Holy Grail was pursuit of perfection. To get better every day. Done

To stay committed and united in the ups and downs of it all. Done

We all played strong as a team. Even the matches we lost we pretty much went hill-hill most of the time. 
We had to make sure they had to work hard for the points. Done

To win the damn thing. Done

Nick showed all of us the spirit of a real team player. He came with some amazing shots all week. Karl showed the Americans he was ready in spite of being a rookie. Darren played amazing, deserved the MVP, no doubt about it. He got us on the hill by sheer heart and will in the face of so many tough shots. Then Ralf did his usual thing: Sealed the deal.

I am so proud to have been working with you guys on this endeavor, what an honour.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to go on a holiday. Seasons Greetings to all and may all your dreams
come true. Don't stop believing!

Sincerely Yours,


Wednesday, October 27


I had big plans of writing this great story after winning the 3rd
straight US Open. Actually it was something that was on my agenda for
a year. I simply could not avoid the subject. It became like a mantra
to me. Everybody kept encouraging me and asking questions like: "Are
you going to do it?". As if I could just decide. Well I gave it all I
had. 256 players and I was one of 3 left. It pains me to think about
how close I came to actually pulling it off. Right now I don't even
know how to feel about it. It's always just one or two shots that
alters the run of the match and the momentum. Speaking of which, the
hot seat match against Appleton was huge. Despite the delays with
referee having trouble racking I made a great come-back and was on my
way of running a really tough rack when I missed a cut on a 7-ball. It
changed everything. I Gift-wrapped Darren the match. Otherwise it
would have been 10-10 with me breaking.

After so much trouble making a proper rack they put a new spot on the
table which made things only worse. Now I had to fade gaps everywhere
which made the break very inconsistent and unpredictable. So the semi
against Corey Deuel was a joke. To his credit he did play great, but
the break was so random he had to get a few rolls to get shape so many
times on it. I was pretty much part of the audience there watching him
run out one rack after the other.

I am not sure why they can't have the same standard all the way
through the tournament. It went from "rack your own" to referees doing
it in final four. It's just frustrating to play a great tournament
only to see it slip away because of things out of your control.

I know it was a great run, but I'm still sick when I think about it.

I guess it's time to look at the positive aspects. All in all,
including last year's 14 and this year I did win 22 consecutive games
in a row in the toughest field of the sport. It's going to be very
hard to duplicate. I did also start the month by winning the Challenge
of Champions(repeat) followed by a 2nd place finish at the world 14.1
I'm into repeats, I guess. LOL

Another positive thing is that they just confirmed me for the
Mosconi-Cup so I have something exciting to look forward to. It is my
14th appearance which ties the record with Johnny Archer and Ralf
Souquet. I'm in good company.

Yours Truly,


Saturday, October 9

150 and out

How sweet it is. I was on a mission to avenge a controversial loss to Mike Sigel earlier on. He had beat me in the earlier stage of the tournament with a questionable hit mid-way during the 102 and out he ran on me. I asked him: "how do you not call a foul on yourself?" which he replied: "oh, that debate has been going on for a 100 years."
After the match I was thinking: "Please let me play him again."
My wish was granted. I played Sigel to advance in the top 16.

I broke, he missed a long shot from the backrail and I ran a 150 and out.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Poetic justice. I rest my case.

Sunday, September 12

Thrilla in Manila

I settled in Manila once more ready for some high-caliber pool action. I am sure the pool rooms like Star Paper and One Side had their fair share of the unofficial part of high stakes, but more so it was the atmosphere at Robinson's mall, particularly the "midtown wing". The Matchroom World Cup of Pool was about to take place.

There wasn't too many upsets early on and Team Finland (me and Markus Juva) went along those notes. In fact, we played quite well. The first match we only gave Singapore two real openings from which only one of them they capitalized. The first game started with me making a table-length jump-draw shot with perfect position. It ended good too: From 2-2 we ran again 4 racks and eventually got two more to end it 8-2.

The next round we faced Holland. Known quite well for their talent, they were not a team to take lightly. I have to mention that we got lucky in the first rack as I fluked a 9 two rails in the opposite corner. We redeemed ourselves by running two more racks from the break and playing perfect pool. 3-0. The fourth rack we played a safety shot. It turned out wise because they were unable to contend. We got an open shot an proceeded to run out a couple more racks to 6-0. The 7th rack was anybody's game really but again we got out of a safety battle ahead and made it 7-0. Then they finally got on the board 7-1. Another safety battle in the 9th rack and Niels missing a safety gave us all we needed to finish the Dutchmen of with an 8-1 carnage.

Meanwhile big upsets took place like Indonesia beating Philippines A, France beating UK and Poland got the best of USA.

In the quarterfinals we went up against Philippine B who had just beat Spain. This was quite a frustrating game as they were on a good roll. They even got a couple of lucky breaks. We really had a first open shot when it was 0-7. Then I actually dogged an 8-balll. I am still not sure what happened but I had to just witness the 8-ball hanging in the jaws of a pocket that apparently had caused a lot of headaches during this tournament. It could have been 1-7, but it was 0-8. I was upset and kind of losing hope. Markus was trying to keep a positive attitude but we both knew deep down it was a mountain to climb. We did finally managed to get on the board 9th rack but again our break failed us like in the first rack. 1-9 was the score. It felt like a public execution on a market square. So intense is the Filipino crowd. I wanted to disappear, but resorted in giving hundreds of autographs and taking another 100 photos with fans. I have to say, the fans made me feel better. They were very sympathetic.

Philippines progressed and beat Taiwan in a 9-8 nail-biter while China took care of Germans hopes for the final.

In the finals both team showed early nervousness but China got in their mojo quicker and jumped up to a 9-1 lead race to 10. Philippines had a little surge and closed the gap 9-5 but I guess the semi kind of took most of their energy and they had to hand it to China. So after beating team Finland in 07 China is once again victorious.

Wednesday, August 25

The long-awaited Challenge match!!!

I usually don't like to forward Press Releases to the blog but this one is special! READ:

For Immediate Release:

"The Action Report is proud to announce another blockbuster challenge match featuring two of the elite players in the world. On October 12 thru 14 at Amsterdam Billiards in New York City, Mezz USA presents TAR 19 Mika Immonen vs Shane Van Boening in a $10,000 entry, winner take all match. The match will be Ten Ball, Race to 100 over three days. Two of the biggest players on the biggest stage.

Between them these players have won the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championship the last three years in a row with Mika Immonen sweeping the last two in a row. Shane Van Boening has a reputation as a stone killer in one on one match ups and Mika Immonen was voted Player of the Decade for his unheard of record of major tournament victories all over the world. Can the Iceman overcome SVB's big break and proven track record in long heads up matches ? Can SVB deal with the Iceman's mental toughness that has been proven countless times in sudden death tournament situations? This match is sure to answer all those questions and more.

It is only fitting for a match of this stature to take place in one of the most famous rooms in the United States. Amsterdam Billiards in New York City, New York has long been a benchmark for high end pool rooms not only in America but across the world. Home to numerous pro players over the years and renowned for a class atmosphere and playing conditions this is the perfect location for a clash of two champions. The New York City area is also home to a thriving pool community who we hope will come out and enjoy this rare treat of a match in their hometown.

Mezz USA is the the presenting sponsor of TAR 19 and a fitting one considering it is a Mezz cue that Mika Immonen has won many of his titles and championships with. The President of Mezz USA Caroline Pao, herself a WPBA Pro, was instrumental in producing this match. Thanks to her and Mezz USA's support pool fans everywhere will get to see a match people will talk about for years to come. Mezz Cues are of the highest quality and construction. The list of players using them is a who's who of international stars. Mika Immonen, Alex Pagulayan, Sarah Rousey, Caroline Pao, Jason Klatt and Marcus Chamat to name a few. has all the information on these excellent cues.

The Action Report will continue its industry leading live streaming coverage by broadcasting this epic match up LIVE via streaming Pay Per View on The price structure for the coverage is as follows: Entire three day event is $25, final two days is $20 and the final day is $15. Pay Per View will go on sale October 11th. The match format is: Day one play until someone has won 35 games total at which time the days play is concluded. The players return on day two and battle until one of them has racked up 70 total wins. The final day will see the players return and play until one of them reaches 100 total victories and takes the $20,000 winner take all prize fund.

This is a match that people have been talking about for over a year and one that many said would never happen. With the help of the players and some key individuals we are all going to finally get to see this heads up battle take place. There is limited seating to watch this historic match at Amsterdam Billiards in New York City. Single day tickets and Three Day Packages for VIP and General Admission will be sold online only at beginning September 1st.

The Action Report would like to thank the match sponsors who are making this event possible. They are Kamui Tips (, AZ Billiards .com ( and CueSports International ( . We are very proud to be associated with these companies. They each represent the best in their field in the pool world and we thank them for their support and help in producing this match.

There are several individuals who without their help and extra efforts this match would not have been possible. We would like to thank John Mars, Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, Foster Stevenson, and Caroline Pao of Mezz USA for all the help and support they have provided to see that this match happens. Needless to say without the cooperation and help of two of the greatest players in the world, Mika Immonen and Shane Van Boening , none of this would be taking place. We are all thankful to these two champions for having the guts to get in the box and compete.

Join us October 12 thru 14 in person at Amsterdam Billiards or online at to witness this historic match. "

Sunday, August 8

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

Dear all,

It has been a strange season. Strange, meaning pretty fruitless. I’m not sure exactly why but there could be a few reasons.

I guess for one, I took a conscious break from practicing. I was playing so many tournaments and winning so many last year that I almost got immune to it. I guess as crazy as it sounds, I might have taken winning for granted as it was happening. It’s almost as if I needed to loose a few times again to be able to appreciate the winning ways. Awful, isn’t it? Hell yeah it is because I took quite a few beatings. I’m tired of it.
Secondly, I was a bit discouraged to play because I didn’t even get paid yet from my World 10-ball Championships in Manila last December. Can you imagine all the hardship you have to go through to win? Just to have them play strange delay-tactics on me?
It kind of took the wind out of my sails. I am still wondering where the money is. 9 months and counting.

I have a plan. As I would like to see myself as a honorable man, I hereby promise to do the following things to improve my chances to win tournaments in general:

1. Practice (a lot)
2. No partying, if any, before the tournament is over. (why would I? LOL)
3. Make favorable travel plans. For example, don’t show up one day before the tourney specially if it’s on the other side of the world.
4. Stop giving myself excuses why and if I would be playing bad.
5. Exercise moderately on the day of tournament, hard on the day off. (or “hard” after the match that day)
6. blog more
7. Suggestions?

I did already do some of these things here and ended up victorious in Louisiana! Me and Rodney “The Rocket” Morris won the doubles event and I ended winning the singles as well by beating none other than Shane Van Boening 10-3 in the finals! Pretty sweet…

Ok, its time for me to go to work.


Thursday, July 15

I miss Istanbul

Below is the view from nightclub Reina(which we reached by speedboat from the Restaurant 360@GS Island).
The bridge looks stunning with Asian side in the background.

Little did I know, I now realize not only the magical beauty of
Istanbul, but it's people as well. I was treated to some of the most
funnest nights out, original dinners, brunches-literally by the water.

Istanbul stole my heart. I didn't have chance to think twice. Just the
first sight of Bosphorus river up from the hills of the European side
took my breath away. I knew I was in for something special. It still
exceeded all my expectations with it's history and all aspects of
Istanbul as a trading port between Europe and Asia.

I had only five days to get to know some of the city and it's people,
but I did manage to go to most of the must-go places and learned some
of the convenient frases in Turkish. Can you imagine me going through
the Grand Bazaar? One of the shopkeepers tries to grab me speaking his
English luring sentenses- to which I responded in Turkish: "What are
you talking about big brother?" hahaa.

Thank you, my friends, for making my trip so memorable.


Wednesday, June 23

9-ball World Championships

It's been a while since anyone has lifted the coveted World 9-ball Trophy. It had a sabbatical for a couple years and now it's Qatar's responsibility to revive the tournament. Let's see if we can bring back the old glory that Matchroom Sports had done for the event. Those shoes are tough to fill.

In the meantime, I am back in Finland now balancing between seeing old friends, practicing and working out. Somewhere in between I need to go to the countryside to relax. Thats what the midsummer in Finland is all about. Some sauna, some swimming, good food and good friends. The nature is at its peak beauty in midsummer, so green and vibrant. I love the aroma of a finnish forest. It's my sanctuary. I can't think of any other place that would have such an effect over me. I can just completely zone out.

what is your sanctuary? Try to think of one. Then, in times of trouble or perhaps a tight match, you can just visualize this place. Imagine yourself there, breathing the air, seeing and feeling it. I'm confident that this will have a positive effect over yourself.

Time to go now...

Happy Summer!


Saturday, May 8

Back in the groove

Well, it's that time of the year again when everything is looking sunny in life. I've had a couple fruitless months to begin the year but it's time to take the bull by the horns and start focusing on the present.

Also I intend to post more often because I owe you gratitude in keeping me in the fight. Thank you for your patience.

Ok, so here is what I'm going to do: Win tournaments. It means that I am going to commit more time to practice, working out and eating right. Even thinking right. Positive.

It's not like I'm trying to say I have all the answers. In fact, I could even take suggestions. I'd love to hear what works for you when you hit the funk.
Who knows, maybe I'm just trying to get you involved. Make some goals for yourself, let's just kick it up together!

Alright, it's good to be back. I'm going to hit the gym now.

By the way, we are playing the Hard Times-Mezz 10ball Open. Check out live stream

You might have missed it yesterday, Efren Reyes kicked my butt, lol.
Well, I've made it before from the losers side.

Happy New Beginnings!


Monday, March 8

How to deal with pressure?

Many people keep asking me how I deal with pressure situations.

Tip number one: Breathe? haha... Ok, that's a given but seriously, sometimes you get really tight and simply forget to have proper breathing. You should try to breathe from your lower belly, this will calm you down and the practice itself can take your mind of thinking too much about the pressure. It is called sink the breathe down to the "Dan Tian" of lower abdomen. It calms the Body and centers the Mind and strengthens the Shen(Spirit). There is a saying that "if you can control your breath, you can control your life".

You all heard about adrenaline? It's is a free drug, but you can't really get it over the counter. You have to use it when it comes to you uninvited. Just make sure you are ready for it. Invite it. After that its all about paying attention to your fundamentals and you will find the zone. break it down to the simple steps:

Pre-shot routine: phase 1 ( analyse, determine, visualize ) phase 2 (approach-make sure you are a couple of steps away from the table so that your perception of the shot is correct as you approach the stance. Lining up to the shot properly is the most over looked aspect in the fundamentals. Being lazy will kill you, eat you up inside. You'll be kicking yourself in the chair. Electric chair.

Stance: be as relaxed as possible: for right-handed players the right foot is the foundation. you can lean into the left leg a little, but most weight is on the right. At least this works for me.

It's important to find balance, and certainly you don't want to lean to far over the table too far and put pressure on bridge hand. I see a lot of people balancing on one foot when there is absolutely no need for it. Avoid this mistake. First and foremost, see if you can keep both feet on the ground. If not, then try your foundation foot. Right hand,right foot. Left hand,left foot.

Grip: both bridge hand grip and back-hand are relaxed. Use the weight and balance of the cue to make the shot. Trust your instincts and fundamentals that you are on target. If not, its easier to correct a shot gone wrong with proper technique than the shot that went in with bad technique. It's all about giving yourself feedback when it does go wrong, and avoiding the same pitfalls in the future.

Shoot; AND STAY DOWN! Unless you have to move out of the way due to ball returning towards the bridge-hand, there is no reason to get up instantly. Follow through the ball as long as you can and stay down. Always follow through in a straight line, regardless of spin or center-ball.

You might get shakes if the pressure is intense, but use it to focus. Think of it as a gift. Because it is. Shoot mostly center-ball and rely on smart patterns to do this. It's all about getting right angles which makes the position to next ball easy. I can't say it enough: Pay attention to the fundamentals. This way, when and if you make a mistake, you might have an idea why. If there is many flaws in your technique, it's hard to tell which one went wrong that time.

In practice, use your left hand if you are right handed and vice versa, not only does it feel great to go back to the usual hand but also opens a new avenue-Because your technique will be limited, you will be forced to use the most effortless pattern. This is one of many reasons why it improves your game. On top of that it stimulates the right side of the brain.

Do you find this blog post useful? Please pass on the message, preferably by copy/pasting the link to my blog:

Also, I have got a lot of positive feedback from the Mastering Pool DVD's. Feel free to check out for those.

Yours Truly,

Mika the "ICEMAN" Immonen

First man to officially be on the roster for Mosconi Cup


8th March



Mosconi Cup Goes Back to Its Roots



December Return to Pool's Most 'Intimidating' Venue



MATCHROOM SPORT can announce that the 2010 Mosconi Cup will be taking place at the fabled York Hall, Bethnal Green, London from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th December.


Home to the event for a six year period, the Mosconi Cup was last played in the famous East London boxing venue in 2002, when Europe won the trophy following six years of total domination by the USA.


Following a multi-million pound refurbishment of the York Hall, the Mosconi Cup returns for its first UK appearance in eight years.


One man delighted by the event's return to London is Finland's Mika Immonen. A five-time York Hall loser in previous years, Immonen has now established himself as the world's leading player and will be a front-runner for a berth on the 2010 Euro team.


'I love the fact that we are going back to the York Hall. What could be a more perfect setting for the Mosconi?' said Immonen.


'No memories in my pool career compare to the York Hall. The atmosphere was electric, and I can't wait to see how it is now. It has been my dream to go back there...bring it on..!


Matchroom Sport chairman and Mosconi Cup promoter, Barry Hearn, is looking forward to recreating the wild atmosphere that made the East London venue so charismatic.


'The York Hall has a special place in the history of the Mosconi Cup and it's fair to say that at times, it was the game's most intimidating arena,' commented Hearn.


'It certainly got rough and rowdy in there and it said something about the American teams of the late '90's and early 2000's that they were able to shrug all of that off and triumph five times out of six.


'That said, it is home to one the great Mosconi Cup moments when Steve Davis stole what was the final rack off Earl Strickland in 2002 to bring the Cup home for Europe for the first time in seven years.


'I think Mosconi Cup fans from Europe and America will be very excited at the prospect of coming to the York Hall for what could be the greatest Mosconi Cup of them all!'


Triumphant 2009 USA captain Nick Varner has plenty of experience of the York Hall, having played there four times.


'I will never forget playing two matches against Ronnie O'Sullivan in 1997. Every time he potted a ball, the crowd went wild; it was like Europe won the Cup every time he made a shot. He was so popular with the fans.


'One of the other American players was supposed to play him but didn't want to fade the heat from the crowd. So I took the match and found it exhilarating. I loved it.


'The York Hall brings back fond memories of winning except for 2002. In one year we went from winning 12 in a row and winning the Cup 12-1 to losing it the next year.


'The European fans get a little rowdy and boisterous which can test your composure, especially the later it gets at night. As the fans have a few pints, the atmosphere can get real noisy.


'After the great response of the American fans in Las Vegas last year, going back to the York Hall will be a shocker for the players who haven't played there before. In fact going back to the York Hall seems a little scary to me!' added Varner


Live in its entirety on Sky Sports in the UK, the Mosconi Cup features two five-man teams representing Europe and the USA doing battle in a series of singles and doubles matches. Now in its 17th year, the Americans hold an 11-4 lead following their victory in Las Vegas last December.



Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport:, +44 7785 395688

Saturday, February 20

I love New York!

There is a little bit of Spring in the air, weather is getting warmer and the days are getting brighter. It's time to enjoy home and recharge the batteries that were completely depleted after a hectic last season. It's actually nice to stay home for a while. Not eager to travel again right away.
It's time to get back in shape. practice, work-outs and rest. Maybe even enjoy some of the excellent cuisine that New York has to offer in such a wide range.
I think I have to re-define setting goals to myself. Last season was so amazing, I don't know what to expect this year. One thing is clear: I will continue to be one of the hardest working guys in pool. It's not an accident I did so well, though even on the paper it looked like domination, there was a lot of close calls. Thanks to the mental strength I was able to pull away from those tricky situations.

I was honored by Billiard Digest in the current issue as the Player of The Decade. Wow, I can't even describe in words what a feeling that is. It certainly is the biggest recognition I have ever received. I actually think I have to work even harder now because players will be gearing up against me more than ever. I have to be ready.

So this is cheers to all you out there getting ready for a new season, don't forget to relax, recharge and restore.

See you on the road,


Wednesday, February 10

Mezz Tour launch!

Press Release:
Mezz Pro Am Tour
Mezz Pro-Am Tour Announced

Mika Immonen and Mezz Cues are proud to announce the Mezz Pro-Am Tour. The Mezz Tour is a 1-day Open Tournament with staggered entry fees and additional cash prizes for the top 2 finishers in the A/B and C/D division. Events will take place in the North East region.

"We are happy to work with Jose Burgos, who runs the best 1-day tournaments in this region.  We hope to offer a highly competitive tournament and great prizes for pros and amateurs alike.  We will also give each player a free raffle ticket for a Mezz Cue and Mezz Case at the Grand Finale Tournament along with prizes for the Top 10 point leaders of the year," says Mika.

Jose describes, "I am honored to join forces with Mika Immonen and Mezz Cues.  I believe having the best player in the world along with one of the leading cue companies in the industry as sponsors will make the Mezz Pro-Am Tour one of the premier tours in the region."

Along with the Mezz Open Tour, we are also proud to announce a Mezz Women's Tour overseen by WPBA Pro and Mezz USA President, Caroline Pao.

"With so many great female players in the Northeast region, this is a great opportunity to provide a competitive tour for them to participate in.  We will feature great prizes at each stop as well as hold a Grand Finale tournament with added monies.  Prizes will also be awarded for the Top 3 female players of the year with the Top Female receiving paid entry to the prestigious Turning Stone Tournament in Syracuse, NY.  I am very excited be able to provide an opportunity for our local female players to sharpen their competitive edge. Once we complete the 8 event schedule, it will be on our official Mezz Tour website,," explains Caroline.

As a prelude to our official launch of the Mezz Pro-Am Tour, we had a great event at Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, PA on January 31st with an attendance of 53 players. Joey Testa andIgnacio Chavez were co-champions of this event with Victor Nauin 3rd and Josh Brothers in 4th place.

Our next stop will be at on February 21st at :

Atlantic City Billiards 
6701 Blackhorse Pike 
Egg Habor, NJ 08234 
(609) 645-7576

Visit the official Mezz Pro-Am Tour website,, for more information.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

By Press Release - 2010-02-09

Wednesday, January 27

Leaving Japan...

Arriving Finland...

It was amazing to land today in Finland. From miles above it looked like everything was still. The land completely covered in snow. Trees, buildings, frozen lakes, farmland. A small haze of clouds here and there. The sun reflected almost horizontally of all of it, making the view even more spectacular. The flight was so smooth I forgot I was flying.
In all it's arcticness, it is still a place I call home. It's been too long since I've seen proper winter...
...I'm just bracing myself for the sub-zero temperatures.


Monday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Dear all,

It's been a great pleasure "working with you" and now that we have entered a new Decade, it's certainly exciting to aim at keeping up the enthusiasm and diligence that have earned me two "Player of the Year" titles in a row. Last year might be a hard act to follow, but at the very least I have a clear goal: Stay number one. As a paradox to that, commonly I like to set goals that I can totally disregard in the future. Just like when I go run, I might set up a a time and distance goal that would require rigorous effort to achieve. Then, while running, try to hit another gear even if it is painful. It's all about reaching further than the goal itself. Because before you can go to battle, know this: Your ability to defeat your own doubts and limitations is your path to success.

This actually brings me to an example. -How to apply this in pool? Ok, I just recently had a chat with an avid player and he asked me how deal with the "if I make this ball, I will win"-mistake. Because that's certainly not the way I mean when looking beyond. It's like this: when you have your final ball on the table, just don't think of it as your final ball. That's the common mistake. Because of it, not only do you put more pressure on yourself, you also might lose sight of an ingredient required for any standard shot: PLAY POSITION! What I mean is: Don't give too much respect to that last ball but play position for an invisible ball that could be the most natural and easy to do from there. Keeping that Cue-ball in mind only improves your whole pre-shot routine. Because you treat that ball with the same respect as all the other balls. Why change that pattern that got you there? Just like when you get to the finals of any tournament, don't treat it as a final. It's just a game between this tournament and the 1st round of the next one. Certainly you like to keep a good record. Some players just get too happy reaching the finals. I, for sure in my past did this mistake.

On a lighter note, I am now in the Beautiful City of Barcelona. Or so I heard. I just got here yesterday and it was late and raining, so I haven't seen the sights yet. I just hope it doesn't rain today. Or maybe if it does, I might have a chance to watch FC Barcelona later. They are playing tonight, I just might have to go scout for the tickets.

The real reason I am here though, is the Predator 10-ball tour. So let's not get too distracted. But it's important to to relax, I'd say.

Speaking of which, I am going back to bed. Been up since 7am, way too early for a pool player. *wink*

"I'll be back"