Monday, January 26

Final four in the "Fat Boy Challenge" at DCC

I'm doing pretty good here at DCC.

I'm still in business in the bank pool. Starting to get a hang of it.
I think it's 7th round. I lost one though.

In the 16 man Challenge I won first two rounds beating Charlie Bryant
15-11 and the Stevie Moore 15-9.

That's all for this update, gotta get up early for 1-pocket.

...and more banks.


Hey! I just beat Clif Joyner in one pocket... I came back from losing 0-2 to win the game at 3-2. It was a very tough match and I managed to pull it off!


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Friday, January 16

Heading to Derby.

I'd say it's a pretty cold day in New York. It's in single digits(Fahrenheit), even the ICEMAN can feel cold here.

It's just like Home, Finland that is. Hey, I thought I was escaping the winter...this is not part of the deal!

Anyways, I doubt it would be much better next week so I am heading south. Not much though. In fact,
I think it's soutwest. It's called the DCC which stands for Derby City Classic, in Louisville. Well, they moved
to a Casino in the State of Indiana, but the airport and hotel is still the same-for some of us. Maybe you were
lucky enough to get a room at the Casino.

I call it "The Hustlers Convention" as it seems to attract a fair amount of them or some wanna-be's. Every year
the guys that have been hiding their speed the best they can, finally take a crack at some real dough. It's
everything from 1-pocket, bank pool, 9-ball, 10-ball, straight pool etc. Even the action rooms are filled with
guys eager to make a mark among pro's and Cons. (I had to say that, sorry). One way or the other the hustlers
are trying to rob you. Words of advice: Don't walk into the parking lot alone with a big bankroll. I am dead serious.

This year there has been another side-show added. It's a 16 man 10-ball Challenge. Although the entry fee
was high for normal standards, 1K seemed like a steal to get into this kinda action at the Derby City.

It's definitely something to see, the Derby. Not for kids though.

Bring your A-game, see you there. If not in "stroke" I am sure you will find plenty of side-betting. Or cointossing,
which never made sense to me.

See yah,


Sunday, January 11


I started the New Year the same way I finished last year. I went
through the losers bracket like a whirlwind. I beat Mark Vidal in the
finals two back-to-back sets (9-1,9-3) to claim the title.


Joss Tour stop at Comet Billiards

Firstly, let me just enjoy my moment of limelight and show what a good
shot they have on the cover of Accu-Stats 2009 catalog.

Also, I must ad that Pat Fleming has built a nice set for live streaming at Comet Billiards.

It's a tournament style pit and it really makes the room stand out as one of the best for
tournaments in East Coast. Check it out. There is two more Joss Stops at Comet this season
as well as Three Predator tour stops. Wow, I guess I will be going there more often.

About the tournament:

I am in the losers bracket right now just fighting my way to get to the finals and maybe avenge
my earlier loss to Mark Vidal.

I just beat my friend Peter Nielsen from Denmark, so he end up finishing 5th-6th. Not bad considering
I gave him a Mezz Cue to use. He also had a terrific come-back earlier in the winners bracket against
Tony Robles. He won 9-8 after being down 0-8! Did I mention he has been of the tour for 5 years?
Who knows, he might get back into it.

OK gotta go back to work...