Friday, January 16

Heading to Derby.

I'd say it's a pretty cold day in New York. It's in single digits(Fahrenheit), even the ICEMAN can feel cold here.

It's just like Home, Finland that is. Hey, I thought I was escaping the winter...this is not part of the deal!

Anyways, I doubt it would be much better next week so I am heading south. Not much though. In fact,
I think it's soutwest. It's called the DCC which stands for Derby City Classic, in Louisville. Well, they moved
to a Casino in the State of Indiana, but the airport and hotel is still the same-for some of us. Maybe you were
lucky enough to get a room at the Casino.

I call it "The Hustlers Convention" as it seems to attract a fair amount of them or some wanna-be's. Every year
the guys that have been hiding their speed the best they can, finally take a crack at some real dough. It's
everything from 1-pocket, bank pool, 9-ball, 10-ball, straight pool etc. Even the action rooms are filled with
guys eager to make a mark among pro's and Cons. (I had to say that, sorry). One way or the other the hustlers
are trying to rob you. Words of advice: Don't walk into the parking lot alone with a big bankroll. I am dead serious.

This year there has been another side-show added. It's a 16 man 10-ball Challenge. Although the entry fee
was high for normal standards, 1K seemed like a steal to get into this kinda action at the Derby City.

It's definitely something to see, the Derby. Not for kids though.

Bring your A-game, see you there. If not in "stroke" I am sure you will find plenty of side-betting. Or cointossing,
which never made sense to me.

See yah,



Roy Steffensen said...

It's damn cold here in Norway too, but I guess you escaped from the wind atleast...

See you at DCC, Mika! Looking forward to my first DCC.