Sunday, January 11

Joss Tour stop at Comet Billiards

Firstly, let me just enjoy my moment of limelight and show what a good
shot they have on the cover of Accu-Stats 2009 catalog.

Also, I must ad that Pat Fleming has built a nice set for live streaming at Comet Billiards.

It's a tournament style pit and it really makes the room stand out as one of the best for
tournaments in East Coast. Check it out. There is two more Joss Stops at Comet this season
as well as Three Predator tour stops. Wow, I guess I will be going there more often.

About the tournament:

I am in the losers bracket right now just fighting my way to get to the finals and maybe avenge
my earlier loss to Mark Vidal.

I just beat my friend Peter Nielsen from Denmark, so he end up finishing 5th-6th. Not bad considering
I gave him a Mezz Cue to use. He also had a terrific come-back earlier in the winners bracket against
Tony Robles. He won 9-8 after being down 0-8! Did I mention he has been of the tour for 5 years?
Who knows, he might get back into it.

OK gotta go back to work...