Sunday, May 17

Pool hangover

This is my consolation prize for not doing so well at the
international 10-ball championships: In & Out burger.

Monday, May 11

"Close, but no Cigar"

I had a decent run at the WPM. I played a great quarterfinal against Dennis Orcollo. Beat him 8-4. Then I lost in a bit of a scrappy match against the eventual winner, Darren Appleton.

I placed 3rd.


I started out strong out of the gate, up 3-0 but then missed a long rail bank to have a chance to go up 4-0. Then at 3-1 I had a another shot but hooked myself on the 5. I attempted a jump, but missed and sold out. Then I didn't really see the table until it was 6-3 in Darren's favor. I closed the gap 5-6, but then after a push-out in the 12th rack Darren locked me up behind a ball at the other end of the table. I kicked two rail but left him a shot and he ran out. At 5-7 Darren missed a fairly easy 2ball and I ran the rack. at 6-7 I had a good break, made the two ball, I potted the 1ball and the 3, but after shooting the 4 left-handed I ran short on the position for the 5. I had a thin cut in the side but just hit the knuckle. Darren the banked the 5 and ran out.
Final score 8-6 in his favor.

Today starts the 112 players strong 10ball international. I was seeded so I play tomorrow.


Sunday, May 10

BCA ballroom + WPM

World Pool Masters-

Hey, good news: I won my first round in a nail-biter against Fu Jian-
Bo from China. It went all the way down to hill-hill. Today I will
play Dennis Orcollo in the quarterfinals.

In the meantime, if you are in Vegas or perhaps on your way, please
come check out our beautiful cues at Mezz USA. We are located in the
main ballroom at the center of the back wall.
If you don't have a chance to see us in person, visit



Wednesday, May 6

Vegas baby!

Getting ready to shoot some serious pool in Vegas:

First I have the World Pool Masters organized by the famous promoter, Matchroom.

The the International 10-ball Championships by Dragon Promotions.

It should be a very exciting week and a half. I have had a very good season already
so the preparation has been adequate. Now I'm just itching to get out there.

On top of these Events I have another angle covered. Mezz USA will have a booth
with a table in the Main BCA floor. Players will be able to test the quality Mezz Products
and find out why so many Mezz players are doing so good.
I will also promote the internationally praised "Mastering Pool" -instructional DVD's
We will have them available for purchase at a "show special" rate.

Also the Mezz products are available for purchase. Take your game to the next level.
It's cue-evolution! Even shafts to match whatever cue you have now!

Hope to see you there!


Interpool Open

I did pretty good in Sweden:

I won the shoot-out jackpot thing on Friday, then on Saturday I won the invitational 8 man 10-ball event.
I beat Niels in the finals of that 8-7. I thought I was on my way to get the 9-ball title as well but the little
big man Marcus stood in the way. I had him at 7-3 in the Semi's but then he started his relentless come-back. He
eventually beat me 11-8. Raj Hundal won the finals 11-10!

I guess I can't win all three?

Anyways, it was a great tune-up for Vegas.

See some of you there! We have a Mezz USA booth there.