Monday, May 11

"Close, but no Cigar"

I had a decent run at the WPM. I played a great quarterfinal against Dennis Orcollo. Beat him 8-4. Then I lost in a bit of a scrappy match against the eventual winner, Darren Appleton.

I placed 3rd.


I started out strong out of the gate, up 3-0 but then missed a long rail bank to have a chance to go up 4-0. Then at 3-1 I had a another shot but hooked myself on the 5. I attempted a jump, but missed and sold out. Then I didn't really see the table until it was 6-3 in Darren's favor. I closed the gap 5-6, but then after a push-out in the 12th rack Darren locked me up behind a ball at the other end of the table. I kicked two rail but left him a shot and he ran out. At 5-7 Darren missed a fairly easy 2ball and I ran the rack. at 6-7 I had a good break, made the two ball, I potted the 1ball and the 3, but after shooting the 4 left-handed I ran short on the position for the 5. I had a thin cut in the side but just hit the knuckle. Darren the banked the 5 and ran out.
Final score 8-6 in his favor.

Today starts the 112 players strong 10ball international. I was seeded so I play tomorrow.



Martin said...

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