Wednesday, May 6

Vegas baby!

Getting ready to shoot some serious pool in Vegas:

First I have the World Pool Masters organized by the famous promoter, Matchroom.

The the International 10-ball Championships by Dragon Promotions.

It should be a very exciting week and a half. I have had a very good season already
so the preparation has been adequate. Now I'm just itching to get out there.

On top of these Events I have another angle covered. Mezz USA will have a booth
with a table in the Main BCA floor. Players will be able to test the quality Mezz Products
and find out why so many Mezz players are doing so good.
I will also promote the internationally praised "Mastering Pool" -instructional DVD's
We will have them available for purchase at a "show special" rate.

Also the Mezz products are available for purchase. Take your game to the next level.
It's cue-evolution! Even shafts to match whatever cue you have now!

Hope to see you there!