Sunday, April 24

Reflections of the moment


I'm tired of losing. It stinks. While I'm at it, I might as well share my thoughts with you. Ok, so what? Nobody cares? Good. The change has to come from within yourself. Like sometimes you think you have to actually perform a circus act to turn the tide. I do feel that way...but when that does happen, don't let go. Just control it. If any of you ever saw he movie "The Hustler", you'll know what I'm talking about. No, it's not about hustling, it's about passion. Fast Eddie Felson, right? RIP Paul Newman. If you knew Goerge San Souci you might have an idea too. RIP "Ginky".

Hey, it's not like I am in a slump but basically, as one of my life mantras, I tend to go back to the grassroots and ask myself: "What got you here? When were you the most happiest?". -- Then stick with it. Whether it is your job, your friends, your unique skills. Don't ever take them for granted. Specially the loved ones closest to you.

Anything you love to do, you'll eventually make it. I love pool. Like the simplicity of billiards balls colliding into each other, trying to judge their speed thereafter and guessing where they all land. OK maybe it's not always simple, but I aim to learn something everyday. If it's not about pool, it's about my own actions and how they affect people around me. I aim to live a good life, yet- win without hindering other peoples chances to do the same.

Respect all, fear none.

Like I said, I'm just rambling, but some times you can look back to something and say: "Hey, that makes sense!"

Let's all commit to ourselves in being the best that we can be. Don't ever let go of the reins.


Thursday, April 21

Happy Easter

Oh, the Islands of the islands of Philippines. Read: sigh

I just back from a Beautiful one. Namely Bohol. (passed by Cebu too on the way which is great too) On Monday I had lunch on a river raft, then went to see the "Chocolate Hills". After that I saw the  tiny fist-size(small fist) Tarsier monkeys. Sooo cute. I then had a great dinner fresh seafood by the beach.

Tuesday I was at an organic food lunch at a beefarm. I just stuffed my face with edible flowers of which you have a sample above- Easter colors in your face, If you will?

I am back in Manila for the rest of the public holiday. The absence of the masses of people here is Eerie. Most Filipinos plan to go their provinces specially for the Holy Week. I, on the other hand, have to get back to the drawing board so I can crank out more money in the upcoming tournament and maintain this ridiculous lifestyle. Practice, practice. And...practice. I'm not sure if I am trying to convince you or myself? Hehehe

Yours truly,


Sunday, April 3



Toast 7-grain with Goat cheese, maple syrup, bacon and strawberry. My variation of a French toast, if you will. A real rush that jump-starts the day of travel.

I just made my way back from Montreal yesterday and off to Manila today. In and out of Manhattan. 

Montreal was a real treat. I love the enthusiasm of people towards pool. Like there is a real craving for watching and learning pool. The grandmaster Alain Martel along with his Promotions right hand Danny Dagenais took good care of me. Next time I hope to stay longer. 

So it was one night pit stop in Manhattan. Just in time to celebrate my buddy Tony Robles' Birthday. It was fun to see the crew at Amsterdam Billiard Club. Next time I will see most of them will be in Vegas about 5 weeks from now. 

Talk about jet-setting huh. 

Hey, I did put that maple syrup into use right away.  

Happy Spring!