Sunday, November 29

World TenBall Semi's baby!

I'm in it! Today I just beat Marlon Manalo, then Nick Van Den Berg to be followed by Ruslan Chinahov. Check it out:

More updates to follow. 

Friday, November 20

The Best

Nuff Said.

Tsukiji Fish Market
 27 reviews 
5-2-1 TsukijiTokyo PrefectureChuo, Japan

Some images to follow. Depends on how much hate-mail I get from hungry viewers. 

My favorite in Tokyo

Maybe not the best, but athmosphere is just right. You can park your
car in front, you soon have five guys handwashing it and waxing while
you gulp down some extraordinary bites of sushi. I call it; Car-Wash


When sometimes you don't find words how describe how you feel, it's better to resort to pictures.
All I can say is that I am still recovering from Japan with it's delicacies and people that I can call true friends. I had some special people to share this trip with. The All Japan Championship ended abtrubtly for me, "that's all she wrote". The aftermath of happenings in life is unknown as of yet. It's not exactly how I feel, but in some of these images I find refuge.


My mouth is already watering.

...Turns into this.

Oh-Toro sushi

Table is set

It's all good.

Top the meat with some veggies.

Yummy! And good for the tummy.(if in moderation)

You know when people say you are so full and your belly starts to
show? Yeah it's called the food-baby. I know.

After this meal however, I had food twins. I named them Shabu and Shabu

Is that how they originated the name?


Meat does not get better than this:


This is from the best Shabu-Shabu restaurant in Tokyo: as you can see
the name on the napkin. It really pops out, doesn't it?

Picture is more than a thousand words

Shampagne bottle cork art by Yuka: Five Kings

Monday, November 9

Time to focus on the essential.

It's been quite good for me since the US.OPEN. I have enjoyed life immensely. parties, great food, great places to visit.

And great new friends as well. I am blessed for the people around me. They are the one's who define me-Bring me up when I need and put my feet right back on the ground when I am floating too high. It takes a complete package to compete at the higher levels. It also takes sacrifices. You just can't be with your loved one's always when you want to. You can't always bring them with you either. Every athlete knows this going in. But few find the real balance between passion and private life. I can honestly say, I'm living it. The good times always beat the bad times yeah. but without bad times you wouldn't even know how good the good one's are, right?

Of course the sponsors are needed to maintain the ability to uphold this lifestyle. Travelling, keeping New York as a base etc.
I am grateful for the part they play. They let me play stress-free: Mezz Cues, Cafe Puro, OTA Enterprises, Brunswick, Kamui Tips: Thank You.

Anyways, It's time now again focus on the essential. What do I need to do to keep winning? Well, for sure I won't change the pattern that got me there. This includes working out, eating right, sleeping well. And Practicing hard with quality.

I am now in Osaka and it's time for the games to start tomorrow. It's the All Japan Championships. I will be defending my title from last year. The next time I update will be after the tournament. I find it hard to do updates in between. Its a distraction.

I wish you all the best, may the Pool Gods smile upon all of us.


Thursday, November 5

Chillin' in Japan

At my friend Mikki and Yuka's house. Right now having a drink called
Orange Blossom. This is after playing 6 hours straight at the pool
room "God Dragon". I think I could use a drink. In a couple hours we
will head to the fish market for the best sushi in the world. It's
1.28 am and I can't complain. Life doesn't suck.
Ginji cat is posing on the 4,20m long bar counter, showing me who is
the boss. Let it be so.