Sunday, November 29

World TenBall Semi's baby!

I'm in it! Today I just beat Marlon Manalo, then Nick Van Den Berg to be followed by Ruslan Chinahov. Check it out:

More updates to follow. 


Sharon Rose said...

Hey Mika! You call the semi's exciting? That's a major understatement! You're gonna give me a heart attack! :)) hehehe... The final game will start any minute now. Too bad we lost our good seats. But we're still here anyway. I'm praying for you. Best of luck. I know you can do it! :D

PseudoSurgeon said...

Congratulations Mika! just saw the final match between you and lee van corteza. I was pretty surprised with your reaction (in a good way though), it was i think the first time you ever shouted like that after winning.. :) anyways youre on a roll mika! cant wait for the mosconi cup!

tin said...

Terve Mika! Congratulations for winning the final match. Even though I am a Filipina and would naturally prefer a Filipino to win, I will always cheer for you.

I just realized that I have been supporting Finns all my life. Kimi Raikkonen and you that is. :)

Enjoy your time in Manila and oh, Mahal ka rin namin! :)


jlaitine said...

gongratulations Mika, winner again and hope having good time at makati, if you see any old friends like Sampo then my regards, jari.

antoneves said...

Hi Mika, is António Neves from Portugal, remember?????

Nice leitão ha!!!!!!!!

Congratulations for one more great victory. This year the Iceman is on fire.:-) :-)..

I did had a problems with my mobile fone and your email and fone number where there.
When ever you can send me again a mail with you fonenumber and e-mail to .

Best regards, Antonio Neves

Batanes Dreamer said...

Hey Mika! nice tournament! of course we were rooting for Lee Van but... Congratulations! Enjoy your time in the country!