Wednesday, January 27

Leaving Japan...

Arriving Finland...

It was amazing to land today in Finland. From miles above it looked like everything was still. The land completely covered in snow. Trees, buildings, frozen lakes, farmland. A small haze of clouds here and there. The sun reflected almost horizontally of all of it, making the view even more spectacular. The flight was so smooth I forgot I was flying.
In all it's arcticness, it is still a place I call home. It's been too long since I've seen proper winter...
...I'm just bracing myself for the sub-zero temperatures.


Monday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Dear all,

It's been a great pleasure "working with you" and now that we have entered a new Decade, it's certainly exciting to aim at keeping up the enthusiasm and diligence that have earned me two "Player of the Year" titles in a row. Last year might be a hard act to follow, but at the very least I have a clear goal: Stay number one. As a paradox to that, commonly I like to set goals that I can totally disregard in the future. Just like when I go run, I might set up a a time and distance goal that would require rigorous effort to achieve. Then, while running, try to hit another gear even if it is painful. It's all about reaching further than the goal itself. Because before you can go to battle, know this: Your ability to defeat your own doubts and limitations is your path to success.

This actually brings me to an example. -How to apply this in pool? Ok, I just recently had a chat with an avid player and he asked me how deal with the "if I make this ball, I will win"-mistake. Because that's certainly not the way I mean when looking beyond. It's like this: when you have your final ball on the table, just don't think of it as your final ball. That's the common mistake. Because of it, not only do you put more pressure on yourself, you also might lose sight of an ingredient required for any standard shot: PLAY POSITION! What I mean is: Don't give too much respect to that last ball but play position for an invisible ball that could be the most natural and easy to do from there. Keeping that Cue-ball in mind only improves your whole pre-shot routine. Because you treat that ball with the same respect as all the other balls. Why change that pattern that got you there? Just like when you get to the finals of any tournament, don't treat it as a final. It's just a game between this tournament and the 1st round of the next one. Certainly you like to keep a good record. Some players just get too happy reaching the finals. I, for sure in my past did this mistake.

On a lighter note, I am now in the Beautiful City of Barcelona. Or so I heard. I just got here yesterday and it was late and raining, so I haven't seen the sights yet. I just hope it doesn't rain today. Or maybe if it does, I might have a chance to watch FC Barcelona later. They are playing tonight, I just might have to go scout for the tickets.

The real reason I am here though, is the Predator 10-ball tour. So let's not get too distracted. But it's important to to relax, I'd say.

Speaking of which, I am going back to bed. Been up since 7am, way too early for a pool player. *wink*

"I'll be back"