Monday, June 24

The thought process

It is a thin line between playing great and just playing good. I think there is an irony in the feeling. The thing is, when I feel like I'm playing my best I focus on really respecting every moment at the table. 
Usually the pitfall of "great" into just "good" is when you get overconfident. Watch out. All of a sudden you might take an easy shot for granted. We all know how that feels. 
So instead, really focus on visualizing everything beforehand, go through the step by step pre-shot routine and aim. Really get your stroke going. Nice long strokes. Feel your breath. Experience a flash of the positive affirmation that "this is it". Pull trigger. 
Process should be the same on every shot.  There is no rush. Time loses it's significance. You are in the zone. --Don't ever get too comfortable. Kind of like a suspension rope walk. No matter how good you did, one wrong step could lead to disaster. In pool that would be called unforced error. 

Respect all, fear none. That goes for shots too. Just love the challenge it presents. 
So go forth, enjoy... But hold those reigns tight. always. Don't let yourself run empty until the last shot.  

Remember...Courage is not the absence of fear...It is the conquest of it. 


Friday, June 21

I'm back!

Did someone say Ultimate 10-ball champion? ... Its gotta nice ring to it, I have to admit.
My dear friend Al Green said: "Success is getting what you go after. Happiness is loving what you got." So what does that mean? My take on it: Aspire, yet be content. 
Well, I'm happy with what I got now. It just takes a little while to sink in. But I'm enjoying the process. I have to say that one of the most gratifying things is when your peers say "ICEMAN is back!"
It didn't come easy. I had a dry spell for a while. I did a lot of work to get back. A lot of pieces have to fall into place. I'm not talking just playing pool. I'm mostly talking about lifestyle. 
For example, I recently signed up for NYC marathon which takes place in November. It is something I procrastinated for a while. But as soon as I signed up, I felt a sense of peace from within.   Commitment. Perseverance. That's what it is going to boil down to. And that's life as it should be. Never settling. Taking the necessary steps to get there. Optimizing your condition. It takes a strong mind to win a tournament, but it's easier to achieve if you have a strong physique. (Duh)
Nuff said, I'll just blog stories as they come up. I'm just gonna go enjoy now the awesomeness of this feeling. 

Until next one sinks in....