Sunday, March 16

Lost to Rocket

I lost to Rodney for a spot in the semis. He had some good rolls in
the beginning and I got off to a slow start. I think he was up 6-2
when I started coming back. But at 8-6 for him I missed a fairly easy
2 to close the gap to 1 game. Then at 9-7 I broke "dry" and he cleared
the table.
Rodney proceeds to play Shane Van Boening in semi. Shawn Wilkie awaits
for the winner of that match.
May the best man win! Hmph!

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Saturday, March 15

Hey its Final Four at Valley Forge Expo

I made to Sunday. I just beat Tony Robles 10-2 to make it in the last
game. Earlier I lost to Shane Van Boening 10-9, my break deserted me
the last three breaks I did not make a ball.
All in all, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I will play Rodney Morris
first match.
After the games today I treated myself to some good old burger, beer
and a dessert: see picture

Thursday, March 13

UPA tour at Valley Forge

So far two down. I lost one rack in two matches. A minor detail is that
the second match was a forfeit. But anyways in the first match I
played good. 10-1

A bit of a setback at the event was Fabio Petroni's sudden urge to bang
his head on the rail in a match against
Gabe Owen. The reasons for the action are not determined. We know he
was trailing in the match. He was taken to the hospital. I am sure you
will hear more about this later. I'm sure we all hope he gets well.

In the meantime I think I will play Archer next round tomorrow.

Wish me luck. *wink*


Tuesday, March 11

IPT challenge match vote

IPT, The International Pool Tour just announced they are holding a new vote for the next Challenge Series.

Fans can now vote after signing up as a basic member. Its free to sign up, just go to

Note: As a premium member you can vote ten times more

PS. this is a hint to vote for me. *wink*