Tuesday, September 11

Dark horses & World Champions

To Petri, my team mate, World Cup of Pool Co-Champion:

Thank you brother. A shared privilege is twice the privilege. I cannot even fathom what it means to you right now. I can only say that during my time of winning my first world title I could not really believe it for a week, maybe two. I literally woke up and yelled at the ceiling, World Champion! And then pinched myself to check I'm there.

Well, it's kinda happening all over again. This title is beginning to mean more to me than I would have imagined. I guess I had dreams of winning but it seemed a long shot still.

By the way: Keith, thanks for everything that week. From fixing the final look on the shirts, breakfasts, humoring us and actually showing up to watch and cheer for us- your input was priceless.

Petri, the week that you were here, all those hours we put in on the table. Your great attitude in which you never really questioned certain situations where you had to just trust my decision. And oh dear, your ability to perform when it mattered most. You sure pulled of some stunts. I was smiling inside but trying to play it cool.

Even that Friday, thank God we didn't have to play that day because I had food poisoning. (a secret I didn't want to let out before Saturday after we had take care or Reyes-Bustamante duo) yes, even that Friday you put in 7-8 hours at the table while I was bed-ridden. Only about 9pm I was "strong" enough to hold the cue. I just wanted to shoot a couple racks with you to reassure that Saturday I'll be back in form.

Even first match, we were down 0-4 against Korea. But we never lost faith. We had moments of agony of course. Yet stayed ON COURSE. Then went on to beat Three former WCOP-Champions and finally an Very-Much-In-Form Polish team. Hats of to them as well. Battle of the dark horses indeed.

I truly value this one just as I valued my first world championship.

Looking forward to more future battles...

Yours Sincerely,