Monday, April 28

World Pool Masters site is up

Matchroom Sport is delighted to announce that , the Official Online Home of the World Pool Masters, is now live.

With the tournament being held for the first time ever in Las Vegas, the site will be your first port of call for news, player profiles, results, stories and pictures of what promises to be a hugely exciting event featuring some of the world’s top players.

Four World 9-ball Champions – Daryl Peach, Mika Immonen, Ralf Souquet, Alex Pagulayan – will be taking part in the event as well as some of the biggest names in the game, including Shane Van Boening, Francisco Bustamante, Niels Feijen and Corey Deuel.

All will be vying for the $20,000 top prize.

The World Pool Masters will be taking place at the Riviera Hotel and Casino from Thursday 9th to Sunday 11th May with afternoon and evening sessions daily, concluding with the final scheduled to commence around 9.15pm on Sunday evening. will feature exclusive interviews with the stars who make up the field as well as comments and predictions from the big names of world pool.

Bookmark today for full details and information about the 16th annual running of one of pool’s most prestigious events.

Sunday, April 27

Lost the Finals

Johnny got the best of it in the finals, simply outbreaking me. He
also played very good, using his chances very efficiently.
He ran three in a row and that's not easy to do in 10-ball on a tight

Again its dissapointing to play this good to get that far but then
just come dry so many breaks.

I could have tied the last set 5-5 but missed a shot in the side.
Johnny never looked back.

Congrats to him.

All the best,


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Saturday, April 26

I'm in the Finals

It was a classic battle with me and Johnny. It went all the way to

We both shot great, few unforced errors each but even more really nice

Final score naturally 9-8

So its final four. The other two still in are Charlie Bryant and Mike

I'll be waiting in "the hot seat".

Yours truly,


I am in the "Hot Seat" against Johnny Archer

It was a pretty tight one 5th round with John Schmit, but I managed to edge him out 9-7.
I felt like I played much better and really deserved the match. My break was really solid and had I pocketed more balls on the break, I think the match would have ended 9-4.

John seemed that he was not hitting the balls that good this match and I was just feeding of his frustration.

See ya later,


Fourth round:

Well, I thought for a moment my winning streak had some to an end. I was down 8-5 against Rob Saez, him having so far played just about flawless.
I guess it was the thought of winning that stopped him from performing up to par because he had about 4 chances to shut the door on me.
I'd hate to rub it in but 8-7 in his favor he had only the last two balls left and in my opinion he should have played the 9 in the corner and ten in the side but he opted to try to play the 10 in the same corner as the 9. It only made the shot more difficult:

so he left me a pretty routine lay-out and my last break I finally made two balls and had a pretty easy safety. I locked him in the corner behind a ball where he had to kick up and down the whole table. He missed the kick and I ran out. Phew!


I'm still going strong.

I got through another filipino obstacle called Jose Parica. It wasn't really exciting because I played nearly flawless,
Only missing one ball. I think I was also very productive on the breaks.
One the peculiar things about this match was the I was getting heckled by this elderly "gentleman" in the crowd. He insisted
having some wise cracks between every rack like If I was running out: "oh, the train will stop soon, don't worry." Or if Parica happened to get a run in he'd say;"Any questions?" After every rack he had a comment. oh yeah and he was far from sober.
When I got to 8,(race to nine) he said:" It ain't over till the fat lady sings"
So when I finally won 9-4, he yelled: "Even a blind pig can find the seed once" to which I finally decided to reply: "Oh, is that the fat lady singing?"
The rest of the crowd burst into laughter obviously waiting for someone to shut this guy up.

Friday, April 25

Match no:2

Hey I beat Earl too... 9-7 I think

This is one of the key shots mid-game, Earl was trying to leave the 8-ball safe behind the ten and the cue ball was almost frozen:

Thursday, April 24

UPA tour stop in Phoenix

Hey Ya'll since I am in Wild West now...

I just managed to get over the finish line before the Magician Efren Reyes. I beat him 9-7.
There was plenty of nerve wrecking situations. One of them was here when Efren played safe
on the two ball (score7-7):

Well I kicked it perfectly sent the two ball in pocket A and the ten ball went perfectly down to the corner pocket B!

Its nice to do that against the man himself. To say the least. I guess in hindsight had he played the safety with the cueball a little further downtable It would have not been so easy to play the two-way shot. This angle was ideal.

Next I will face Earl Strickland.

Monday, April 14

DVD shoot wrapping up

Here's Nathan with his dad Peter & friend Tim. They built the set. I'm
just tagging along.

Saturday, April 12

Pool DVD shoot

Friday, April 11

Instructional DVD coming out

Dear pool enthusiasts,

I have travelled across the Atlantic once more. This time it took me to Toronto. Or not quite Toronto, but the outskirts. I was curious to see what I am getting involved with.

Well, I have to say I am impressed. Nathan DuMoulin & Co. has taken this project to the next level. Being a kid that was out there looking to learn pool only to realize that anything in books or VHS or DVDs is pretty much outdated, he practically bought every tape on the market. Out of curiosity he started playing with the idea of creating a tape himself. It has taken a lot of research and planning, but we are now close to the finish line. He invited me to give my professional input.

The line of work that he is in (computer graphics,3-D animation, and live picture), gives him an edge. Not to mention, he is a perfectionist. We haven't even started shooting but I am already convinced this will be a hit. It's a privilege to be a part of it.

On top of that, its been a lot of fun with the whole crew.

Its slated to come out in August. You better get a copy for yourself!



Saturday, April 5

Going back to North America

Hi Everybody,

I have been in Finland for a few weeks and it has been nice. I played a handicap tournament in Jarvenpaa, it's a miniature version of Derby City Classic. Its good fun every Easter. Niels Feijen showed up too. Perhaps not surprisingly, we both made it to the finals. It wasn't easy though, we both almost lost earlier that day. He beat me badly in the Finals 7-0. I did not really get a chance as I was scratching on the break 3 times in a row. with alternating break its like loosing your own serve three times in a row in tennis.
Live and learn.

I did drop by Estonia which is just a a short ferry ride away, only two hours. For anyone traveling Northern Europe, Estonia is part of the EU and the Schengen VISA is good now too. I saw Paris Hilton in the reception of our hotel in Tallinn. Whup-ti-duu.
Other destinations for the bay of Finland include St.Petersburg. That is in Russia and you need a separate visa to go there. A popular season would be "white nights", which is basically the nightless night. Sun doesn't really set, and the athmosphere is magical.

Ok, I am getting carried away here. So I wanted to say that I am proud to be part of a DVD video production for pool. Its filmed in Toronto, Canada. I will be going there next week.
Its a new kind of format with some 3-D graphics. I will inform you later once the time is right. Its slated to come out in August.

For my friends in New York, i will be there from the 15th on.

Ok, I hope you are all doing fine,

Take care