Monday, April 28

World Pool Masters site is up

Matchroom Sport is delighted to announce that , the Official Online Home of the World Pool Masters, is now live.

With the tournament being held for the first time ever in Las Vegas, the site will be your first port of call for news, player profiles, results, stories and pictures of what promises to be a hugely exciting event featuring some of the world’s top players.

Four World 9-ball Champions – Daryl Peach, Mika Immonen, Ralf Souquet, Alex Pagulayan – will be taking part in the event as well as some of the biggest names in the game, including Shane Van Boening, Francisco Bustamante, Niels Feijen and Corey Deuel.

All will be vying for the $20,000 top prize.

The World Pool Masters will be taking place at the Riviera Hotel and Casino from Thursday 9th to Sunday 11th May with afternoon and evening sessions daily, concluding with the final scheduled to commence around 9.15pm on Sunday evening. will feature exclusive interviews with the stars who make up the field as well as comments and predictions from the big names of world pool.

Bookmark today for full details and information about the 16th annual running of one of pool’s most prestigious events.


Anonymous said...

Wow it's my first time to read ur blog & already I'm leaving a comment. I'm a big fan of urs Mika. I was awake at when you won ur World Pool 2001 in Cardiff. Just like you, I was in tears esp when you tried to hold ur composure as u were abt to taste ur sweet cusp of victory. There was an obivious sign of emotion, albeit very controlled.
When U were in must be 2003 ( U were there right? ) I regret not bringing my camera. I didn't know that I could almost had the chance to get my picture taken with you.
More Power to U Mika! I wish U more success.
Question: I don't get to follow World Pool in Cardiff ( the most prestigious, I think. It's like the Ms Universe of 9 Ball champs) since I got here in the states. Has World Pool in Cardiff been held outside of well, Cardiff?
It's so frustrating not to be able to watch World Pool in Cardiff in ESPN. I used to watch this every July. For 2 weeks, all I do is just watch pool. Live. At 2 am.

Good luck Mika!