Saturday, April 5

Going back to North America

Hi Everybody,

I have been in Finland for a few weeks and it has been nice. I played a handicap tournament in Jarvenpaa, it's a miniature version of Derby City Classic. Its good fun every Easter. Niels Feijen showed up too. Perhaps not surprisingly, we both made it to the finals. It wasn't easy though, we both almost lost earlier that day. He beat me badly in the Finals 7-0. I did not really get a chance as I was scratching on the break 3 times in a row. with alternating break its like loosing your own serve three times in a row in tennis.
Live and learn.

I did drop by Estonia which is just a a short ferry ride away, only two hours. For anyone traveling Northern Europe, Estonia is part of the EU and the Schengen VISA is good now too. I saw Paris Hilton in the reception of our hotel in Tallinn. Whup-ti-duu.
Other destinations for the bay of Finland include St.Petersburg. That is in Russia and you need a separate visa to go there. A popular season would be "white nights", which is basically the nightless night. Sun doesn't really set, and the athmosphere is magical.

Ok, I am getting carried away here. So I wanted to say that I am proud to be part of a DVD video production for pool. Its filmed in Toronto, Canada. I will be going there next week.
Its a new kind of format with some 3-D graphics. I will inform you later once the time is right. Its slated to come out in August.

For my friends in New York, i will be there from the 15th on.

Ok, I hope you are all doing fine,

Take care



Samm said...

Hi Mika,
Glad to see you've joined the world of web logging! What did you change with your break to scratch so much in the finals? Were you scratching so much before that?
See you in Vegas,

Sami Korhonen said...

Hi Mika,

Did you get a chance to visit Baribal in Tallinn? They got a great setup for a pool hall, I just wish Finland had anything similar.. *sigh*

Here's wishing,