Saturday, April 26


I'm still going strong.

I got through another filipino obstacle called Jose Parica. It wasn't really exciting because I played nearly flawless,
Only missing one ball. I think I was also very productive on the breaks.
One the peculiar things about this match was the I was getting heckled by this elderly "gentleman" in the crowd. He insisted
having some wise cracks between every rack like If I was running out: "oh, the train will stop soon, don't worry." Or if Parica happened to get a run in he'd say;"Any questions?" After every rack he had a comment. oh yeah and he was far from sober.
When I got to 8,(race to nine) he said:" It ain't over till the fat lady sings"
So when I finally won 9-4, he yelled: "Even a blind pig can find the seed once" to which I finally decided to reply: "Oh, is that the fat lady singing?"
The rest of the crowd burst into laughter obviously waiting for someone to shut this guy up.