Saturday, April 26

Fourth round:

Well, I thought for a moment my winning streak had some to an end. I was down 8-5 against Rob Saez, him having so far played just about flawless.
I guess it was the thought of winning that stopped him from performing up to par because he had about 4 chances to shut the door on me.
I'd hate to rub it in but 8-7 in his favor he had only the last two balls left and in my opinion he should have played the 9 in the corner and ten in the side but he opted to try to play the 10 in the same corner as the 9. It only made the shot more difficult:

so he left me a pretty routine lay-out and my last break I finally made two balls and had a pretty easy safety. I locked him in the corner behind a ball where he had to kick up and down the whole table. He missed the kick and I ran out. Phew!