Thursday, April 24

UPA tour stop in Phoenix

Hey Ya'll since I am in Wild West now...

I just managed to get over the finish line before the Magician Efren Reyes. I beat him 9-7.
There was plenty of nerve wrecking situations. One of them was here when Efren played safe
on the two ball (score7-7):

Well I kicked it perfectly sent the two ball in pocket A and the ten ball went perfectly down to the corner pocket B!

Its nice to do that against the man himself. To say the least. I guess in hindsight had he played the safety with the cueball a little further downtable It would have not been so easy to play the two-way shot. This angle was ideal.

Next I will face Earl Strickland.


adhesive remover said...

Mika! PHX is not the Midwest! Regardless, good food awaits you on the West Coast.

M & LB