Wednesday, August 25

The long-awaited Challenge match!!!

I usually don't like to forward Press Releases to the blog but this one is special! READ:

For Immediate Release:

"The Action Report is proud to announce another blockbuster challenge match featuring two of the elite players in the world. On October 12 thru 14 at Amsterdam Billiards in New York City, Mezz USA presents TAR 19 Mika Immonen vs Shane Van Boening in a $10,000 entry, winner take all match. The match will be Ten Ball, Race to 100 over three days. Two of the biggest players on the biggest stage.

Between them these players have won the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championship the last three years in a row with Mika Immonen sweeping the last two in a row. Shane Van Boening has a reputation as a stone killer in one on one match ups and Mika Immonen was voted Player of the Decade for his unheard of record of major tournament victories all over the world. Can the Iceman overcome SVB's big break and proven track record in long heads up matches ? Can SVB deal with the Iceman's mental toughness that has been proven countless times in sudden death tournament situations? This match is sure to answer all those questions and more.

It is only fitting for a match of this stature to take place in one of the most famous rooms in the United States. Amsterdam Billiards in New York City, New York has long been a benchmark for high end pool rooms not only in America but across the world. Home to numerous pro players over the years and renowned for a class atmosphere and playing conditions this is the perfect location for a clash of two champions. The New York City area is also home to a thriving pool community who we hope will come out and enjoy this rare treat of a match in their hometown.

Mezz USA is the the presenting sponsor of TAR 19 and a fitting one considering it is a Mezz cue that Mika Immonen has won many of his titles and championships with. The President of Mezz USA Caroline Pao, herself a WPBA Pro, was instrumental in producing this match. Thanks to her and Mezz USA's support pool fans everywhere will get to see a match people will talk about for years to come. Mezz Cues are of the highest quality and construction. The list of players using them is a who's who of international stars. Mika Immonen, Alex Pagulayan, Sarah Rousey, Caroline Pao, Jason Klatt and Marcus Chamat to name a few. has all the information on these excellent cues.

The Action Report will continue its industry leading live streaming coverage by broadcasting this epic match up LIVE via streaming Pay Per View on The price structure for the coverage is as follows: Entire three day event is $25, final two days is $20 and the final day is $15. Pay Per View will go on sale October 11th. The match format is: Day one play until someone has won 35 games total at which time the days play is concluded. The players return on day two and battle until one of them has racked up 70 total wins. The final day will see the players return and play until one of them reaches 100 total victories and takes the $20,000 winner take all prize fund.

This is a match that people have been talking about for over a year and one that many said would never happen. With the help of the players and some key individuals we are all going to finally get to see this heads up battle take place. There is limited seating to watch this historic match at Amsterdam Billiards in New York City. Single day tickets and Three Day Packages for VIP and General Admission will be sold online only at beginning September 1st.

The Action Report would like to thank the match sponsors who are making this event possible. They are Kamui Tips (, AZ Billiards .com ( and CueSports International ( . We are very proud to be associated with these companies. They each represent the best in their field in the pool world and we thank them for their support and help in producing this match.

There are several individuals who without their help and extra efforts this match would not have been possible. We would like to thank John Mars, Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, Foster Stevenson, and Caroline Pao of Mezz USA for all the help and support they have provided to see that this match happens. Needless to say without the cooperation and help of two of the greatest players in the world, Mika Immonen and Shane Van Boening , none of this would be taking place. We are all thankful to these two champions for having the guts to get in the box and compete.

Join us October 12 thru 14 in person at Amsterdam Billiards or online at to witness this historic match. "

Sunday, August 8

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

Dear all,

It has been a strange season. Strange, meaning pretty fruitless. I’m not sure exactly why but there could be a few reasons.

I guess for one, I took a conscious break from practicing. I was playing so many tournaments and winning so many last year that I almost got immune to it. I guess as crazy as it sounds, I might have taken winning for granted as it was happening. It’s almost as if I needed to loose a few times again to be able to appreciate the winning ways. Awful, isn’t it? Hell yeah it is because I took quite a few beatings. I’m tired of it.
Secondly, I was a bit discouraged to play because I didn’t even get paid yet from my World 10-ball Championships in Manila last December. Can you imagine all the hardship you have to go through to win? Just to have them play strange delay-tactics on me?
It kind of took the wind out of my sails. I am still wondering where the money is. 9 months and counting.

I have a plan. As I would like to see myself as a honorable man, I hereby promise to do the following things to improve my chances to win tournaments in general:

1. Practice (a lot)
2. No partying, if any, before the tournament is over. (why would I? LOL)
3. Make favorable travel plans. For example, don’t show up one day before the tourney specially if it’s on the other side of the world.
4. Stop giving myself excuses why and if I would be playing bad.
5. Exercise moderately on the day of tournament, hard on the day off. (or “hard” after the match that day)
6. blog more
7. Suggestions?

I did already do some of these things here and ended up victorious in Louisiana! Me and Rodney “The Rocket” Morris won the doubles event and I ended winning the singles as well by beating none other than Shane Van Boening 10-3 in the finals! Pretty sweet…

Ok, its time for me to go to work.