Saturday, February 20

I love New York!

There is a little bit of Spring in the air, weather is getting warmer and the days are getting brighter. It's time to enjoy home and recharge the batteries that were completely depleted after a hectic last season. It's actually nice to stay home for a while. Not eager to travel again right away.
It's time to get back in shape. practice, work-outs and rest. Maybe even enjoy some of the excellent cuisine that New York has to offer in such a wide range.
I think I have to re-define setting goals to myself. Last season was so amazing, I don't know what to expect this year. One thing is clear: I will continue to be one of the hardest working guys in pool. It's not an accident I did so well, though even on the paper it looked like domination, there was a lot of close calls. Thanks to the mental strength I was able to pull away from those tricky situations.

I was honored by Billiard Digest in the current issue as the Player of The Decade. Wow, I can't even describe in words what a feeling that is. It certainly is the biggest recognition I have ever received. I actually think I have to work even harder now because players will be gearing up against me more than ever. I have to be ready.

So this is cheers to all you out there getting ready for a new season, don't forget to relax, recharge and restore.

See you on the road,


Wednesday, February 10

Mezz Tour launch!

Press Release:
Mezz Pro Am Tour
Mezz Pro-Am Tour Announced

Mika Immonen and Mezz Cues are proud to announce the Mezz Pro-Am Tour. The Mezz Tour is a 1-day Open Tournament with staggered entry fees and additional cash prizes for the top 2 finishers in the A/B and C/D division. Events will take place in the North East region.

"We are happy to work with Jose Burgos, who runs the best 1-day tournaments in this region.  We hope to offer a highly competitive tournament and great prizes for pros and amateurs alike.  We will also give each player a free raffle ticket for a Mezz Cue and Mezz Case at the Grand Finale Tournament along with prizes for the Top 10 point leaders of the year," says Mika.

Jose describes, "I am honored to join forces with Mika Immonen and Mezz Cues.  I believe having the best player in the world along with one of the leading cue companies in the industry as sponsors will make the Mezz Pro-Am Tour one of the premier tours in the region."

Along with the Mezz Open Tour, we are also proud to announce a Mezz Women's Tour overseen by WPBA Pro and Mezz USA President, Caroline Pao.

"With so many great female players in the Northeast region, this is a great opportunity to provide a competitive tour for them to participate in.  We will feature great prizes at each stop as well as hold a Grand Finale tournament with added monies.  Prizes will also be awarded for the Top 3 female players of the year with the Top Female receiving paid entry to the prestigious Turning Stone Tournament in Syracuse, NY.  I am very excited be able to provide an opportunity for our local female players to sharpen their competitive edge. Once we complete the 8 event schedule, it will be on our official Mezz Tour website,," explains Caroline.

As a prelude to our official launch of the Mezz Pro-Am Tour, we had a great event at Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, PA on January 31st with an attendance of 53 players. Joey Testa andIgnacio Chavez were co-champions of this event with Victor Nauin 3rd and Josh Brothers in 4th place.

Our next stop will be at on February 21st at :

Atlantic City Billiards 
6701 Blackhorse Pike 
Egg Habor, NJ 08234 
(609) 645-7576

Visit the official Mezz Pro-Am Tour website,, for more information.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

By Press Release - 2010-02-09