Tuesday, January 4

New Year-what's in your agenda?

First of all, I would like to thank the fans for helping us as a team to win the Mosconi-cup. The atmosphere was something incomparable. It was literally like a football game. The songs, chants -some customized for a particular player- were awesome.
It goes to show how important the home-court was there at York Hall. Again, I can't thank you fans enough. You
get a lot of credit for our victory. I am sorry if I failed to address that in my earlier blog.

Also, I would like to express how special it was to have all of my siblings(5) there to witness it all. Thank you all so much.

So what's next? Ok, let's hold the horses a bit. I am still on holiday. But it certainly doesn't hurt to make goals.

Ok, how about getting back on the number 1 spot in the world? It's funny, I was really dominating for a couple of seasons but then due to a bad first part of 2010 and the fact that WPA decided to erase all history except last years points put my somewhere in the 30's. So instead of their traditional style of counting the last 8 majors they went down to 3. I have no idea why. Someone shed some light here?

Anyways, I think the Billiards Digest power index is a much better way of showing the players the position they deserve. WPA points events are partial. They do not even give points for the US.OPEN which is the biggest event of the year.

Ok so regardless, I am going to fight my way to the top. It's a matter of hard work and strong heart. Heart I have. How about work ethics? Well, it's useless to convince you or myself now. Actions speak louder than words.

So let's all make some New Years resolutions and go kick some butt. Start from within.