Sunday, June 28

Qatar Open

I made it to QATAR in one peace after a total of four flights: Las Vegas-New York-Amsterdam-Damman-Doha.

Door to door it took me about 31 hours. I did have time to swing by my New York apartment, which was nice.

Anyways, I will be starting the games day after tomorrow so there is some time to recoup from the flight ordeal.

I'll keep you posted.

as soon as I figure out which URL does the online updates I will share it with you as well.

Have a nice midsummer!


Wednesday, June 24

A breath of fresh air

Many of you may not know the nature side of Hong Kong. On a recent
visit to the Island of multicultural business entities I discovered a
peaceful side of it.
-With a little help of some friends-

Sunday, June 7

Mika desktop wallpaper

Hello people. Just by chance if you wanted to see my merry face a
little more often:


Yes it's a Mika-wallpaper.

In any other case, do continue to have a nice summer.