Friday, February 27

2009 World Pool Masters Back at the Riv!

2009 World Pool Masters Back at the Riv!

Mika Immonen 
World Champion
US.Open Champion


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Matchroom Sport Presents:

Press Release


27th February 2009



2009 World Pool Masters Back at the Riv!



FOLLOWING on from the success of the 2008 event, the World Pool Masters will be returning to the historic Riviera Hotel and Casino as pool's most prestigious invitational event gets underway from 8th to 10th May.


A total of 16 of the finest players from around the world will be competing in the event, which will be staged over three days during the annual BCAPL National 8 Ball Championships.


Promoted by Matchroom Sport, a world leader in televised pool, the World Pool Masters will be running for the 17th year consecutive year and its roll call of champions reads like an international who's who of 9 ball.


Defending champion Alex Pagulayan of the Philippines will be back at the Riviera as will runner-up Mika Immonen (Finland), the reigning US Open champ.


Other players confirmed include World 10 Ball Champion, England's Darren Appleton; Mosconi Cup star Tony Drago (Malta) and former World No.1 Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines.


Representing United States hopes will be the top two American ranked players on the BCA Men's Point List, Shane Van Boening and Johnny Archer. Montreal's Dancing Bear, Alain Martel, will be flying the flag for Canada.


The European vanguard of five-times Masters champion Ralf Souquet (Germany) and Holland's multi-titled Niels Feijen will both be in attendance.


They will be joined by top ranked European stars Nick van den Berg of Holland, England's Imran Majid, who KO'd Van Boening in this event last year, and teenage Russian sensation Ruslan Chinakhov who will be making his Masters debut.


Challenge of Champions winner and '07 World Cup winner Fu Jianbo will be making the trip from China and 2005 World Pool Masters victor Raj Hundal, now representing India, will return to the fray at the Riviera.


There is one female in the 2009 Masters line-up and that honour this year goes to the rising star of the women's game, 21 year-old Korean Yu Ram Cha.


Once again, the Masters will be promoted in partnership with Mark Griffin's BCA Pool Leagues and the opening first round matches take place on the evening of Friday, May 8, culminating in the championship match on Sunday, May 10.


Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn said: "The event was a big success for us last year at the Riviera and we're looking to build on that in May.


"The crowds at the Masters were good and with the outstanding line-up we have assembled this year, I am sure that we will have bumper crowds.


'Speak to any of the players; this is the event they all want to win and looking at the field, anyone of them can emerge triumphant,' he added.


As always, the World Pool Masters will be televised throughout the world in 15 one-hour highlights programmes.


There will be a $66,000 prize fund, an increase of 6.5% on last year, with the winner collecting $20,000.


Tickets will be made available in March on the website,


BCAPL's Mark Griffin added: 'BCA Pool League players love professional action.  They are excited the World Pool Masters will return to the Riviera for 2009, and they hope that Matchroom will continue to honor our tournament with their participation for years to come. 


'The finest amateur and professional players from around the globe gather every year at the Riviera for "The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World," and the tradition continues,' he added.

Monday, February 23

Turning Stone...turning page

Yes, it wasn't quite a storybook ending this time for me. I thought I had a real chance to snab the title finally since the first Turning Stone event in 2000. I had a great comeback 3rd round against Shawn Putnam(6-8) and after that went on to beat Darren Appleton 9-1 and Thorsten Hohmann 9-3. also Sunday's first match I beat Mario Morra 9-5.
Ralf Souquet stood in the way of my plans this time as he did for so many other guys.
I have to say the match against him in the winner bracket finals was as one-way street as I have ever walked. On top of playing perfect he did have a fluky kick-combo to back-cut the nine in the corner. And this was after I succesfully kicked at his safety. SO whatever he touched, turned into gold. result: 9-1
That kind of took the wind out of my sales and When it came time to play Dennis Hatch I hadn't fully recovered. Dennis, on hte other hand, had just came back from 6-8 against Putnam. So he had a momentum going and he kept it.
I made an unforced error at 4-2 in my favor when I failed to make a long one into the corner. it was a key shot I would have been out to 5-2 but instead let him back in the game. So later, at 7-7 when I broke dry, I never had another glance. Dennis ran out and the next break was so effective, balls were literally laying in the holes for him to clear a routine run-out.

So it was a bit of an anti-climax for me.

Ralf Apparently beat Dennis in the Finals 13-6. Not surprising, he was in terrific form.

1. Ralf Souquet
2. Dennis Hatch
3. Mika Immonen
4. Shawn Putnam
5-6. Shane Van Boening, Mario Morra

Thursday, February 19

Billiard Life

Me and Darren pimped out in Billiard Life outfits. At the player
meeting. Getting ready to kick butt at Turning Stone Classic.

Wednesday, February 18

Other mags

I will post some other mag covers asap. When I get my hands on them.

Thanks for comments.


World Champion
US.Open Champion
Player of The Year 2008

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Billiards Digest Player of the Year issue

One of the highlights of my career:

Saturday, February 14

Valentines day

Just decided to get out of the city a little for a quick walk.

Friday, February 6

Trivia question

The answer to this weeks trivia question is:

5'9 165 lbs. Or 175cm 75kg

Thanks for participation.

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Tuesday, February 3

Getting ready for Pool School in Chicago. This is your Chance!

Are you interested in getting in the Pro Pool School Feb 8th&9th,2009 in Palace Billiards, Villa Park, Chicago?

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It's first come, first serve. If you win, you will get personal attention and interaction from such world class pool players as Fransisco Bustamante, Charlie Williams and myself. The lessons start 9.30 both Sat &Sun and includes lunch with Pro's.

Two days packed with knowledge distribution like nothing you have seen before. Original Price=$1150 Winner of trivia= More than 50% off at bargain cost of $500.

If you win and can't come, give it to a friend. Good luck.


PS. you can answer in kg/lb. and ft/cm

Monday, February 2

Derby City re-cap

Alright so the annual "Hustlers Convention" is over.

My performance in my very own view was nothing great.

I did ok at the banks. Top 10 out of 400.

The one-pocket was less successful as I only reached 6th round.

9-ball was a disappointment. I had a tough match first round against
Charlie Williams. He played great. I missed one combo and I was down
5-0. Then I ran 3 racks but on the 4th I hooked myself, jumped and
cueball found its way to a pocket. He ran out and another break/run to
finish me off.
I won quite a few matches, I think I made it 8th round or so, but
again lost a morning match. This time to Lee Van Corteza, who was one
of the hottest players this week. I came back from 3-6 to make it
hill-hill, but then had a dry break. He played a poor safety, I locked
him up. Then he took a flyer at a kick-combo but missed badly. Sure
enough I was hooked. I could see the edge of the 1-ball, tried a
safety, but left him a run-out. He struggled with position to run out
and for the 6-ball ran into the 8&9 cluster but managed to have a
window to shoot the 6 in the pocket. So that was it.

I did manage to win one side event; It was the 1-pocket ghost.
Basically for $50 you get three attempts to run balls in the
designated pocket in 5 innings. Break the rack open and go from where
the cue ball lands.
I had the high of 53 and shared the 2nd high (50) with Darren
Appleton. Efren's best was 47. Deuel had a dissapointing 38.

The HorseShoe Casino turned out to be very different from The
Executive West. In good ways and bad.

You want the good ones first?


1. Food: better. Simply more choices. Not that it was that special,
also a little pricy.

2. Rooms: slightly better, though prices for room was high.

3. Security: Way better. I guess the Casino establishment with cameras
and guards helps keep criminal minds at bay.

4. Walk from the room to arena: long. It didn't really bother me but
some players had a hard time doing that half-a-mile stretch between

5. Tournament room: Nice look, just too small for that many tables.
You simply can't get into a rhythm when you have to wait for other
tables to finish their shots all the time.

6. Format: Time consuming. We all know it's a re-draw after each round
is finished and you can't really draw again until the buy-back time
has expired. There is one thing though: Why didn't they call matches
as the tables open up? Way too many times you'd be waiting on a table
when there was several free already.

All in all, I think the venue was nice. We just need some more space
and in general, players need to get a better deal on the hotel.

Happy continuance of the New Year!


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