Tuesday, February 3

Getting ready for Pool School in Chicago. This is your Chance!

Are you interested in getting in the Pro Pool School Feb 8th&9th,2009 in Palace Billiards, Villa Park, Chicago?

My sponsors and affiliates, Mezz Cues, Brunswick and Mastering-pool.com are subsidizing 50% of your play-like-the-pro's experience for the following trivia question: How much is my height and weight?

It's first come, first serve. If you win, you will get personal attention and interaction from such world class pool players as Fransisco Bustamante, Charlie Williams and myself. The lessons start 9.30 both Sat &Sun and includes lunch with Pro's.

Two days packed with knowledge distribution like nothing you have seen before. Original Price=$1150 Winner of trivia= More than 50% off at bargain cost of $500.

If you win and can't come, give it to a friend. Good luck.


PS. you can answer in kg/lb. and ft/cm


David Wiebelhaus said...

5' 9"

Roy Steffensen said...
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Roy Steffensen said...

178 cm, 73 kg

terry said...

5'8 148

Samuli Hyvönen said...

175cm, 78kg

Mikko said...

121 cm, 41kg. tv ads a few pounds... :)

Corrine Johnson said...

Mika weighs 165 lbs. and stands
5'5" in height.