Monday, February 2

Derby City re-cap

Alright so the annual "Hustlers Convention" is over.

My performance in my very own view was nothing great.

I did ok at the banks. Top 10 out of 400.

The one-pocket was less successful as I only reached 6th round.

9-ball was a disappointment. I had a tough match first round against
Charlie Williams. He played great. I missed one combo and I was down
5-0. Then I ran 3 racks but on the 4th I hooked myself, jumped and
cueball found its way to a pocket. He ran out and another break/run to
finish me off.
I won quite a few matches, I think I made it 8th round or so, but
again lost a morning match. This time to Lee Van Corteza, who was one
of the hottest players this week. I came back from 3-6 to make it
hill-hill, but then had a dry break. He played a poor safety, I locked
him up. Then he took a flyer at a kick-combo but missed badly. Sure
enough I was hooked. I could see the edge of the 1-ball, tried a
safety, but left him a run-out. He struggled with position to run out
and for the 6-ball ran into the 8&9 cluster but managed to have a
window to shoot the 6 in the pocket. So that was it.

I did manage to win one side event; It was the 1-pocket ghost.
Basically for $50 you get three attempts to run balls in the
designated pocket in 5 innings. Break the rack open and go from where
the cue ball lands.
I had the high of 53 and shared the 2nd high (50) with Darren
Appleton. Efren's best was 47. Deuel had a dissapointing 38.

The HorseShoe Casino turned out to be very different from The
Executive West. In good ways and bad.

You want the good ones first?


1. Food: better. Simply more choices. Not that it was that special,
also a little pricy.

2. Rooms: slightly better, though prices for room was high.

3. Security: Way better. I guess the Casino establishment with cameras
and guards helps keep criminal minds at bay.

4. Walk from the room to arena: long. It didn't really bother me but
some players had a hard time doing that half-a-mile stretch between

5. Tournament room: Nice look, just too small for that many tables.
You simply can't get into a rhythm when you have to wait for other
tables to finish their shots all the time.

6. Format: Time consuming. We all know it's a re-draw after each round
is finished and you can't really draw again until the buy-back time
has expired. There is one thing though: Why didn't they call matches
as the tables open up? Way too many times you'd be waiting on a table
when there was several free already.

All in all, I think the venue was nice. We just need some more space
and in general, players need to get a better deal on the hotel.

Happy continuance of the New Year!


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