Monday, August 31

World Cup of Pool in Manila

On a lighter note, I'm about to to play the world team event WCOP here in Manila, the "Mecca" of pool.

I'm sure the local fans have heavy expectations on their countrymen's performance since they got so close in Holland last year, then losing to USA's Rodney Morris and Shane Van Boening. As a host country, the Filipinos have increased odds to make it since they can have two teams to represent them. As if they needed an edge. ha ha ha. It'll be Efren Reyes/Fransisco Bustamante & Ronnie Alcano/Dennis Orcollo.
While all eyes are on them, I will be paired up with Markus Juva, naturally also Finnish. who knows, we might just sneak up on a few heavy hitters here. The first job is to beat Sweden. It's ironic to travel all this way to play a neighboring country of Scandinavia. Their team is Marcus Chamat and Tom Storm. Not an easy task by any means.

We play tomorrow 2nd of September, high noon. Remember, it's a sudden death format. One loss and you're out.

For any locals who didn't already know it's happening here: It's at the SM City North Mall. Action starts today. Finals are on the 6th.
-It's also live on Solar Sports.


Saturday, August 29

Heart breaking.

I Lost the final Stefan Cohen.  200-181


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Friday, August 28

World 14.1 Championships Semifinals

Well, its been a long road and it's come to the final day to decide who is the best this week. Ortmann has played superb so far, but honestly I think he hasn't really been tested. He has put some consisten runs out there so He is the man to beat so far.

I will play him in the Semi, so I hope to get off to a good start.

Cohen will play either Archer or Williams in the other Semifinal.

THe tournament feature matches are filmed live on so be sure to check it out online.

All the best,


Sunday, August 16

Seminole Tribe 10-ball drama

It came right down to the wire this time. Shane Van Boening had an outstanding tournament, beating most of his opponents with a clear margin. He beat me for the hot seat 8-5.

I had to play Larry Nevel to get back in the battle for the title. He had just beat Archer and Stevie Moore. Seemed like he was hitting the ball well.
It was a nail-biter, went hill-hill. I was abel to come back from a 5-7 deficit. Break and run to finish it off!

Finals wasn't any let-down either. Shane was leading most of the match. His break is hard to fade. Damn that guy breaks the balls well. also he seemes to have come to his own with the stick he is playing with. He had me 8-5 but then he missed a 6-ball. I cleared it and but broke dry. Also there was a miss on the 8 this rack by Shane. It was a tight position, and it just barely hung in the pocket. I cleared it and then broke and ran out. 8-8!
The final break I may have taken a little speed of. I may have been wary of loosing control of the cueball. This was a bad decision as the break was dry again. Shane only really had to play position from 1 to 2 and the rest was routine. Of course I thought it should have been some pressure there but it didn't seem to bother him.

So I lost 9-8.

I was a good match. I just wish I had broken better.

Hats off to Shane. He was a better player this weekend.

If you like, you can watch the matches at

Thats all for now...


Friday, August 14

Getting ready for Seminole Pro 10-ball

The Seminole Tribe 10-ball event starts today in Cape Corral, FL

Check it out! Lot's of great players are coming there....

Should be a blast!

Sunday, August 9

Mezz Classic 10-ball Victory!

We had two events in Orlando, FL. Sponsored by Mezz Cues of course.

I'd have to say I am pretty happy with the turn-out in my own view. Though I did loose to Johnny Archer in the 14.1 finals, I was able to redeem myself in the 10-ball event. The 10-ball was indeed a much bigger tournament in both the amount of participants and the depth of the field. Oh yeah, more prize-money as well.

I was really happy to beat all three players that I have tremendous amount of respect for: Thorsten Hohmann, Shane Van Boening and Rodney Morris. Also I beat Shawn Putnam on the way in the 4th round of the winners side.

The table was incredibly tight, it didn't allow for much error. For that reason I thought it was a lot of fun to play on it, you could really feel rewarded for your efforts since it was that challenging.

So I am looking forward to more 10-ball this season and I know that my wish will be granted many times. So many things to look forward to.

OK, I am tired now, going to sleep.

Take care,