Sunday, August 16

Seminole Tribe 10-ball drama

It came right down to the wire this time. Shane Van Boening had an outstanding tournament, beating most of his opponents with a clear margin. He beat me for the hot seat 8-5.

I had to play Larry Nevel to get back in the battle for the title. He had just beat Archer and Stevie Moore. Seemed like he was hitting the ball well.
It was a nail-biter, went hill-hill. I was abel to come back from a 5-7 deficit. Break and run to finish it off!

Finals wasn't any let-down either. Shane was leading most of the match. His break is hard to fade. Damn that guy breaks the balls well. also he seemes to have come to his own with the stick he is playing with. He had me 8-5 but then he missed a 6-ball. I cleared it and but broke dry. Also there was a miss on the 8 this rack by Shane. It was a tight position, and it just barely hung in the pocket. I cleared it and then broke and ran out. 8-8!
The final break I may have taken a little speed of. I may have been wary of loosing control of the cueball. This was a bad decision as the break was dry again. Shane only really had to play position from 1 to 2 and the rest was routine. Of course I thought it should have been some pressure there but it didn't seem to bother him.

So I lost 9-8.

I was a good match. I just wish I had broken better.

Hats off to Shane. He was a better player this weekend.

If you like, you can watch the matches at

Thats all for now...