Monday, August 31

World Cup of Pool in Manila

On a lighter note, I'm about to to play the world team event WCOP here in Manila, the "Mecca" of pool.

I'm sure the local fans have heavy expectations on their countrymen's performance since they got so close in Holland last year, then losing to USA's Rodney Morris and Shane Van Boening. As a host country, the Filipinos have increased odds to make it since they can have two teams to represent them. As if they needed an edge. ha ha ha. It'll be Efren Reyes/Fransisco Bustamante & Ronnie Alcano/Dennis Orcollo.
While all eyes are on them, I will be paired up with Markus Juva, naturally also Finnish. who knows, we might just sneak up on a few heavy hitters here. The first job is to beat Sweden. It's ironic to travel all this way to play a neighboring country of Scandinavia. Their team is Marcus Chamat and Tom Storm. Not an easy task by any means.

We play tomorrow 2nd of September, high noon. Remember, it's a sudden death format. One loss and you're out.

For any locals who didn't already know it's happening here: It's at the SM City North Mall. Action starts today. Finals are on the 6th.
-It's also live on Solar Sports.



euthalia said...

looking forward to seeing your matches on TV, had a fun time when you went against Bata Reyes a few years back.


Mabel said...

Hi Mika,

I'm so glad to see you in person ,and wishing you good luck on your next games or tournament,I'm The one who waited for you and asked to have picture taken with you and signed the shirt at SM.

I'm a big fan of yours, I'm watching you on the previous games . I waited for so long to watch you again and glad that I've also seen you in person, thank you so much for being so nice and so accomodating. I hope to catch you again sometime here in Phils. Take Care

Mabel ;)