Wednesday, September 9

Philippines are the World Cup Champs!

After a great opening round against Sweded (8-3) its dissapointing to tell you that we lost to China in the 2nd round. They simply managed to capitalize on every opportunity they had, running out most of the time. When they didn't run the whole rack, they either pushed to a safety or left us hooked.
Me and Markus Juva weren't able to retaliate even when we did have a slight chance to get back in the game. A dry break would really do that to you.

Not surprisingly, the Philippines managed to crawl past the finnish line ahead of the rest of the pack. They had a fairly good draw and by the time they got to the tougher matches they were able to show their true skills. The Semifinal against China was the first scare for them. They looked like they were going to run away with it first but then China produced a great come-back. It was 8-8 when Fu Djanbo decided to go for a seemingly low-percentage carom shot. He missed and left Efren and Django the out. It wasn't easy, but it was certainly nice to start with 1-ball straight in the side instead of a safety(had Fu taken the right shot on)

They ran out and the stage was set for a great final against the German Icons Ralf Souquet and Thorsten Hohmann.

The final was full of drama. Lots of fantastic run-outs, and a bit of dogging it too. I am assuming the conditions were getting tougher too because the heavy rain outside and 2000 thousand fans breathing in their neck.
Efren must have escaped 5-6 safeties with his superb kicking and Bustamante would offer the much needed firepower.
The Germans looked like heavy favorites at 9-7 and breaking but somehow the tide would turn again as if it was written in the stars.
Efren and Django indeed shone the light and proved that Philippines is the nr.1 Pool country in the world.

If you have a chance to see the finals re-run, great. Highly recommended.


bumblebee04 said...

hi mika! i saw you on tv watching the championship round between the philippines and germany. i'm glad you didn't leave the country right away so i could catch a glimpse of you. you remind me of noah wyle (hollywood actor in the tv series E.R). you're sooo cute... good luck in all your tournaments!

bumblebee04 said...
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bumblebee04 said...

me again... you were right, the fight between germany and the philippines was just too much too handle. i thought my sister and i were gonna have a heart attack! no wonder i'm not an athlete...i would've been dead a long time ago!
best championship ever!

p.s. hope to see you soon!

Ajay said...

good luck in Portugal Vince!

love reading these blogs

your draw was quite tough in the world cup, but theres always next year. take it easy man