Monday, October 3

Coming to life

It's been a while. Way too long, in fact. I guess you could say I got tired of giving excuses why I wasn't winning or what I needed to do in order to start winning again. On the other hand part of it was just venting out. I don't really ever plan what I am going to write, I just have to sit my butt down in front of the computer and start typing away. My thoughts can be a bit scattered at first and therefore I might have to swap the order of chapters but that's pretty much it. Just wing it, right?

Good news is that I feel like I am playing good again. But it wasn't easy to get back into it. It was a lot of anxious moments and in the end just pure sweat. By this I mean just getting back on the road and the treadmill. How silly of me. My original breakthrough was really a combination of physical & mental strength combined with lots of hours on the pool table as well. This time I ran every day for two weeks straight. Lost my spare tire in the process.

Ok, I didn't win. I lost to Orcollo in the finals of the Predator International in Manila 10-8. But I had him. 5-2, then a bad position resulting to a missed ball turned the tide and he was able to come back in the match. But I am still happy I put myself in the position to win. Normally I do play better in the finals, but let's say I haven't been in the finals in a while. Well, since March when I won the Masters 10-Ball in Virginia VS Ralf Souquet.

I also want to take this moment to thank my family and friends who always believed in me and continue to do so. Without the love from them life is meaningless anyway. That sounds a bit dramatic maybe but after dominating for two years a 5-month drought can be a little much. hehehe. 

Talk to you soon(er)

Mika Immonen
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