Monday, February 23

Turning Stone...turning page

Yes, it wasn't quite a storybook ending this time for me. I thought I had a real chance to snab the title finally since the first Turning Stone event in 2000. I had a great comeback 3rd round against Shawn Putnam(6-8) and after that went on to beat Darren Appleton 9-1 and Thorsten Hohmann 9-3. also Sunday's first match I beat Mario Morra 9-5.
Ralf Souquet stood in the way of my plans this time as he did for so many other guys.
I have to say the match against him in the winner bracket finals was as one-way street as I have ever walked. On top of playing perfect he did have a fluky kick-combo to back-cut the nine in the corner. And this was after I succesfully kicked at his safety. SO whatever he touched, turned into gold. result: 9-1
That kind of took the wind out of my sales and When it came time to play Dennis Hatch I hadn't fully recovered. Dennis, on hte other hand, had just came back from 6-8 against Putnam. So he had a momentum going and he kept it.
I made an unforced error at 4-2 in my favor when I failed to make a long one into the corner. it was a key shot I would have been out to 5-2 but instead let him back in the game. So later, at 7-7 when I broke dry, I never had another glance. Dennis ran out and the next break was so effective, balls were literally laying in the holes for him to clear a routine run-out.

So it was a bit of an anti-climax for me.

Ralf Apparently beat Dennis in the Finals 13-6. Not surprising, he was in terrific form.

1. Ralf Souquet
2. Dennis Hatch
3. Mika Immonen
4. Shawn Putnam
5-6. Shane Van Boening, Mario Morra


iulian said...

I watched the match with Ralf and indeed he played fantastic. I was expecting you back in the final do, would of been a tough fight I think.
What is the next event you will be in ?
All the best from Romania

Still a banger said...

You did good anyway Mika!

Jukka75 said...

I would like to see your games on tv, but i cant. Because i'm in Finland,thanks good is YouTube :).

Good luck for the next games and keep as Fins proud.

Ps: You should E-mail Kimi.R to stop using your nickname;)