Friday, April 11

Instructional DVD coming out

Dear pool enthusiasts,

I have travelled across the Atlantic once more. This time it took me to Toronto. Or not quite Toronto, but the outskirts. I was curious to see what I am getting involved with.

Well, I have to say I am impressed. Nathan DuMoulin & Co. has taken this project to the next level. Being a kid that was out there looking to learn pool only to realize that anything in books or VHS or DVDs is pretty much outdated, he practically bought every tape on the market. Out of curiosity he started playing with the idea of creating a tape himself. It has taken a lot of research and planning, but we are now close to the finish line. He invited me to give my professional input.

The line of work that he is in (computer graphics,3-D animation, and live picture), gives him an edge. Not to mention, he is a perfectionist. We haven't even started shooting but I am already convinced this will be a hit. It's a privilege to be a part of it.

On top of that, its been a lot of fun with the whole crew.

Its slated to come out in August. You better get a copy for yourself!




Laurie said...

This cool oceantic adventure must really be posted on an instructional dvd’s because of it's uniqueness and it has a great impact to the public.