Sunday, March 16

Lost to Rocket

I lost to Rodney for a spot in the semis. He had some good rolls in
the beginning and I got off to a slow start. I think he was up 6-2
when I started coming back. But at 8-6 for him I missed a fairly easy
2 to close the gap to 1 game. Then at 9-7 I broke "dry" and he cleared
the table.
Rodney proceeds to play Shane Van Boening in semi. Shawn Wilkie awaits
for the winner of that match.
May the best man win! Hmph!

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Alex G said...

Better luck next time. You're such a consistent and talented player. Maybe Masters? Wish you luck!
Alex G.


Drink a tall glass of ice water before you start a match.

mbpooldiva said...

Wishing you lots of skill at the Masters..can't wait for you to kick some american butt...may tables have no rolls..may you get plently of rest...may the pool gods smile for you throughout your matches...wishing you the best.