Monday, November 9

Time to focus on the essential.

It's been quite good for me since the US.OPEN. I have enjoyed life immensely. parties, great food, great places to visit.

And great new friends as well. I am blessed for the people around me. They are the one's who define me-Bring me up when I need and put my feet right back on the ground when I am floating too high. It takes a complete package to compete at the higher levels. It also takes sacrifices. You just can't be with your loved one's always when you want to. You can't always bring them with you either. Every athlete knows this going in. But few find the real balance between passion and private life. I can honestly say, I'm living it. The good times always beat the bad times yeah. but without bad times you wouldn't even know how good the good one's are, right?

Of course the sponsors are needed to maintain the ability to uphold this lifestyle. Travelling, keeping New York as a base etc.
I am grateful for the part they play. They let me play stress-free: Mezz Cues, Cafe Puro, OTA Enterprises, Brunswick, Kamui Tips: Thank You.

Anyways, It's time now again focus on the essential. What do I need to do to keep winning? Well, for sure I won't change the pattern that got me there. This includes working out, eating right, sleeping well. And Practicing hard with quality.

I am now in Osaka and it's time for the games to start tomorrow. It's the All Japan Championships. I will be defending my title from last year. The next time I update will be after the tournament. I find it hard to do updates in between. Its a distraction.

I wish you all the best, may the Pool Gods smile upon all of us.



JSTE said...

Have Strenght Mika!

Bogee said...

Steady hands... eagle eyes. Big hug! We'll be waiting for the results!

suanix said...

hi mika,

kamui tips that you use? Soft, Soft Medium, medium, hard and why?

xpooler said...

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard about the US Open victory! Unbeliavable! The best I can imagine as tips are to keep on training hard, remember to take it easy and have some serious fun when
needed and then again to nail those boots on the ground when levitation occurs!
Belgian terveisin Jarkko!

sara said...


Your story and your words touching.
Your job, private and everything that has to do with love life...
Thats right, all about balance. And it´s really an art to find it.
To appreciate the finer moments have to experince the hard moments.

I like you to appreciate and for what is happen around you.
Friends who are there for you, the same that You are there for them.

Continue to focus and preparation all that means LIFE.
Literally... Eat, Zzzleep and shit. =)

Finally, Good Luck to you next in Japan

// Sara

miki said...

Hi, I'm Miki.
It was a pleasure to meet you the other day.
Good luck trying to learn English because I want to talk more.
It is good to see you in Japan in January.