Friday, December 4

World 10-ball Champion

It is only in the equations of an attempt at True Form that you can definitely find out when things get screwed up. Because if it's just nearly perfect you know you are not doing the right thing. and you can probably tell what is the fault. Not to say it will ever be perfect. But oh these aspirations that I have. Call me stubborn.

These kind of things can happen in a tournament. Thank God for Double elimination. Due to the format, I have been able to bounce back in tournaments.

US OPEN was an extreme version of a come-back. The 10-ball World Championships that just finished a few days ago was another type of come-back. I actually wasn't playing all that great the first few rounds. But as the tournament progressed, I did identify some things that needed work. One was the break. Another was choosing the right kind of tip that would benefit me the best under these conditions. Luckily I have a couple of spare shafts. In the end I chose Kamui black Medium. The combination of that and my Mezz WD700 is a killer. I did have a Kamui black on the other shaft as well, but this one was slightly softer. Another thing was for me to not take the loss in group stages lightly. Hijigata out-broke me. I went to the gym and ran 10K. I wanted to have a hard run, yet time to meditate on what's really going on.

After my match with Manalo, which I narrowly won, I went to hit some balls on one of the side tables. I found the perfect match. shaft and tip. Also, decided to use a longer butt for the break cue instead of the Power Break 2 by Mezz. For some reason, the break from the "box" is easier with standard length.

Sometimes it's just very little things that makes you have the right kind of confidence to win a championship like that.

Of course another key of winning to to find that driving force to close out matches. almost everyone of my last three games I ran two or three final racks without looking back.

Yet it's crazy that its actually happening. There is a certain amount of things you can never control, it just seems It's not happening to me at crucial situations.

Go figure.

I guess the main thing is to stay humble and accept that there is no substitute for hard work. Keep playing, keep loving the game. I am blessed to have a talent, won't ever take it for granted.

Now it's time to celebrate with some friends. At least one night. Then it'll be time to start focusing on the Mosconi-Cup.

Yours Truly,



Jonathan said...

Well done. Well said.

c21connor said...

Truly incredible...Was at the US Open when you won it...To then add this title illustrates how you are distancing yourself from your peers...

iulian said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mika :) Congrats and keep loving the game ! Go Europe !

Vlad "Piticu" said...

Ca't wait to see you and the european team in Vegas Mika !

Hope to see the same display of concentration and success that the last 2 years have brought for Team Europe !

butti said...

Your activity is pleased at Osaka H street in Japan. What you taught in the challenge match is practiced hard.
Keep Distance
Follow Through
The wrist is not rolled.
I will sincerely wait to be going to come next year.

Johnny said...

You mentioned about Kamui Black Medium, are all your shafts installed with medium tip?

How many shafts do you bring to a tournament?

Also how many break cue do you bring to a match?