Tuesday, December 15

Leaving Las Vegas

The Mosconi-Cup has yet again been completed and this time in the
favor of the Americans.

I have to say they really earned capitalizing in nearly every opportunity they got. Specially the first two days were a killer for us. Ended 7-2. It looked like it was going be better a couple of time but Johnny, for instance made a great come-back from trailing 1-5 against Darren Appleton. We just could not get the roll of the ball those two days.

The third day was looking a lot better as we nabbed the fist two games.Thorsten won an epic battle with Deuel and me and Ralf won our doubles against Dominguez/Deuel. then the fourth game with double Archer/Deuel VS Appleton/Hohmann was one of the most critical matches. It went hill-hill. Thorsten played a good safe, Deuel kicked at the ball, hit the wrong side and double-kissed to a safety. Appleton could see just a part of the ball, played for another safety but left Archer a window. Archer capitalized and Deuel just barely went along. So instead of 5-8 overall score it was 4-9. Shit happens. I managed to win the final game of the night beating Oscar Dominguez 6-4. Total score:5-9.

It looked pretty good as we were staying positive and making a bit of a comeback early Sunday by Ralf Souquet winning over Shane Van Boening. it was just 6-9 for USA. Then Dennis Hatch came out strong against Niels Feijen beating him 6-0 to get on the "hill". Thorsten Hohmann kept us alive playing great to beat Johnny Archer 6-1. So with scoreline 7-10, we had a re-match with Shane and Ralf. This time Shane was more fluent and took it home.

Congrats to team USA.

It would have been nice to win the Mosconi and add that title to an already outstanding season I have had. I do still have a chance to improve the year as the Turning Stone Classic is starting day after tomorrow. That's my birthday! 17th of December.


PseudoSurgeon said...

happy birthday mika!!!! this has been an awesome year for you.. so i just wish you more success and happiness in the years to come!! :)

Deacon Blues said...

Happy Birhtday Mika! Wonderful season for you, enjoy!

charles said...

r u gonna write about World mixed and turningstone? or do we only get to see the good? haha