Saturday, December 19

Happy Holidays!

I went on the holidays sooner than I could sneeze. I did win one game on the winners side in something of a very lop-sided draw the the Turning Stone Casino Championships usually presents because none of us are seeded. Then lost two straight games. But it's all good. I was looking maybe even too much forward to the end of the season on top of struggling with a tenacious lingering flu. Now I am still spending most of my time in bed catching up on perhaps well deserved rest. This fall has been quite hectic in many ways. You win, you lose. You're healthy, you're sick. You are happy, you are sad. lives have begun, some others ended.

These times have taught me an invaluable lesson. Don't forget where you came from, treat your loved ones and friends with respect. I have taken some of these for granted and I have hurt some people down the road. I am sorry for that. I realize now more than ever it's important to show who are the people that mean something special to you. In other words, I am defined by what I am surrounded by. I am what I eat, breathe and think. Having good people around me has brought me success. I won't ever forget that. You know who you are. I can't thank you enough.

You know when you have character, you also have people who hate you no matter what. Like the great Paul Newman said: "I'd rather have Character even if it meant some people hating me." So it sums up like this; You simply can't please everybody. I choose not to spread myself so thin.
Rest in peace, my friend. Paul Newman was a great inspiration to me, I wish I had a chance to thank him in person.

I think I am generally a pretty happy person and I hope people take me for more than just a stone-cold killer. There is a different person under that tough skin of mine.

Now it's time to go one a well over-due Holidays and perhaps some Partay!

I wish all the blessing and more happiness to you all for the New Year!

Yours Sincerely,



Scott R. Davis said...

good blog dealing with all of the human emotions. Merry and blessed Christmas. Check out my blog at

Anonymous said...

Your words were deeply touching - thank you for sharing these thoughts with us. I came here more or less incidentally after watching some videos of this year's Mosconi Cup, and I was pretty surprised by your website. When playing, you look very much like the "tough skin" you mentioned (well, there must be a reason for your nickname). It makes me happy to see that this great pool player also posesses another side.

Wish you a peaceful new year. (And happy belated birthday or course!)

Anonymous said...

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