Sunday, April 3



Toast 7-grain with Goat cheese, maple syrup, bacon and strawberry. My variation of a French toast, if you will. A real rush that jump-starts the day of travel.

I just made my way back from Montreal yesterday and off to Manila today. In and out of Manhattan. 

Montreal was a real treat. I love the enthusiasm of people towards pool. Like there is a real craving for watching and learning pool. The grandmaster Alain Martel along with his Promotions right hand Danny Dagenais took good care of me. Next time I hope to stay longer. 

So it was one night pit stop in Manhattan. Just in time to celebrate my buddy Tony Robles' Birthday. It was fun to see the crew at Amsterdam Billiard Club. Next time I will see most of them will be in Vegas about 5 weeks from now. 

Talk about jet-setting huh. 

Hey, I did put that maple syrup into use right away.  

Happy Spring!



Lai said...

Hmmm that sounds glad u had a nice time :)

James Taylor said...

Hey Mika, Good Luck in Manila.