Tuesday, March 8

Masters 10-ball Chesapeake.

Before going to the Masters I had a let-down in Fujairah, the world 8-ball championships. I had just finished two great matches VS Muratore and defending champ Boyes, running 15 racks of 8-ball in a row between the end of the 1st one and out of the gate in the next. Yet in the final 16's match against Engert I just could not get started. I felt like it ended abrubtly. I had more to prove. I wanted a title badly. So I just had to brush the defeat off and stick to my guns.

I knew I was doing something right. My break had improved. Specially in 8-ball and 10-ball the preferred break is from the "box", which is anywhere from the middle inside the first diamonds' width. Now i just had to fade the jet-lag from UAE and start preparing for VA.

I stayed focused. And I stayed on the winners side. In the later rounds of the Masters my toughest match was against Strickland. I managed to squeak away with a 8-7 win. Then I just played two dominating games back to back against Ralf Souquet and Mike Davis in the hot seat match. 8-3 and 8-1. So going into the finals (Against Ralf again) I rather just wanted to be well rested. It worked and I was able to pull away slowly. I made some tough runs and beat Ralf in the safety battles. I won the match 10-4, respectively.

There is something magical about the Chesapeake Conference Center for me. For the last 4 majors I won three and finished 3rd in the one I didn't win. I guess ever since 2008 I was able to abolish the ghosts of the loss in the 2001 US OPEN final I have been able to bring it.

It's been a while since I felt this good. Although it was only a 60-player field it was packed with strong talent. It's definitely a nice beginning of the year and good to be in form since there are so many majors coming up.

I hope to share some more good news soon,

Yours truly,


PS. Check out my new website and let me know what you think? www.mikaimmonen.com

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Joanne said...

Hi Mika! Congratulations and Good Luck!

Xm. said...

Hi Mika :) Congratulations In my opinion, your new website looks so good. But you can improve? :)

Lai said...

Congrats on your victory ... it was great meeting you at valley forge =) ... P.S your website looks great =)

James Taylor said...

Congrats on your Win. Your new web site looks great. Keep up the good work.

salman jamil said...

hi mika congrats man