Sunday, October 25


...I mean seriously, what just happened?

I'm sitting in a car driving back to New York.
My head hurts. Call it hangover. I think it might
have something to do with the fact that I WON
THE US.OPEN yesterday.

again! Wow.

I'm still in disbelief that it really happened. I lost
my second game in the tournament and went on
a crazy mission to win 14 games in a row to snap
it off from the B-side of the double elimination flow-

Honestly, I'll write more when it has sunken in.

I'm speechless...


Aarne (kauppaosoite) said...


Onnea onnea!

JK test user said...

Amazing, historic feat to pull off! Congratulations!

iulian said...

Wow, you are very tough player. It is like the western movies. Last man standing ! Congrats man. You must feel on top of the world and you deserve it. I was telling everybody that I see a final Souquet and you. I know last year you used the words " I want this more than you " to motivate you. What was this year ?

JSTE said...

Mika you are THE Greatest!


Drew said...

Mika, you are an incredible role model. I have developed an incredible attachment to pool, and I only hope to be half as successful as you in my future career. I hope to some day meet you, hopefully compete against you, and hey, maybe even beat you haha. But I must say, this world is quickly running low on worthy competitors! Fantastic job Mika, keep it up!

Seiji said...

Yes Mika! You are the man! Since 10years ago when I'd met here in Japan, you've been always keep progressing your skill, spirit, and everything of yourself! I am really looking forward to see you soon!