Tuesday, October 27


.. .its a weird and an addicting habit. I have to say, it won't come automatically. There will be a point where you really have to earn it. Through perseverance, you just have to see: There is no turning back! Screw that! I am too deep into to this thing. I refuse. I have trained too hard to go quietly into the night. Its like this: If you train for a marathon, you know it won't be easy to run the actual damn thing. For freaking sure there will be some serious self-doubt, some amazing fighting between the angels and demons.

Been there done that. Bought the t-shirt. (I did run the Dublin Marathon back in 1988)

How much does that really sound like a common story between fellow hard-shippers?

Well, you'll know if you can relate to me. I am not trying to say I am better than anybody else but I do know that there is a point where you reach your limits. You just know you did all you can to achieve your dreams. It's not like I played perfect. I played at a level that was way worse than perfect. but as you know, true talent can only be measured by how well you play when you play your worst.

I found that out this week. I didn't feel that I was playing all that well but I managed to stay in the fight because of my mental strength- And I knew that I did all that I could do to get to that point.

No doubt- therefore, no regret. The more your body is in-tuned with your actions the more you you can learn each time you make a mistake, each time you need to replenish, each time you need to sleep.

Don't be afraid to trust your first instincts. Those are always the best. Just give them a chance.

I am sorry, this is starting to be too scientific, but I felt compelled to share.

Yours Truly,



Richard Roblin said...

Thanks for this blog. It has some very insightful comments.

P.S. U.S. Open - Double Elimination.
It's not a true Double elimination, as Ralf and you only have one loss.

Iceman said...

US.OPEN has and will always be a one race final.

The two gentlemen know this going into the final.

Everybody knows this going into the tournament.

The race in the final is extended to 13. Less room for luck.

Candy said...

i like it....it wasnt too scientific...it was perfect. it explained exactly how you felt. =) congratulations.

Richard Roblin said...

I do appreciate your comments.

Have you ever made a fantastic shot and missed a much easier one on the next shot? How do you deal with the emotions of yourself and crowd?


Richard Roblin said...

I should add...

I don't want to minimize or lessen your win...quite the opposite.

I thought it was truly inspirational and an example to all of us when you landed on the B Side and fought through 14 straight matches to the win.


Silly Sally said...

very impressive writing... congrats!