Friday, February 15

World Pool Masters

Hi everybody!

I am super excited; I just got invited to the World Pool Masters. It's cool because they are holding it in conjunction with the BCA amateur tournament in Las Vegas. It will replace the traditional Men's and Women's pro tournament, BCA decided to move that one for June Recreation Expo in Charlotte, NC.

I know I have been away from Masters for a couple of years it’s a nice boost of confidence to get this invitation. Looks like some people have restored their confidence in me. I will definitely make sure I am in top form for that event—Vegas is always an exciting venue. Having Matchroom organizing it just adds an extra element to it. They are the best in the business.

So whoever is going to Vegas in May, you might want to check this thing out! It's one hell of a field.

Sorry I could not make the link work for now. You just have to copy/paste in your browser.

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Yours Truly,



angel_290481 said...

Hey Mika,
Good Luck in the Masters.
You seem to be a very focused and dedicated player, I think you'll do great!


Jerry T said...

Hey Mika,

Congratulations on the invite! Wow how cool... the World Pool Championships in Vegas at May!!!

You have been a world class player for many years, and it is great to see you on the top of your game.

You are playing lights out, and I always enjoy watching your approach and style in this game. Your game is like poetry in motion!!!

Great showing at Turning Stone... Keep up the great work and dominant play.

Make sure you check out the article...

Stay on the "NYC Grind"

WilliamFuentes said...

Thanks for the Mercy on the URL.. whew...