Saturday, July 5

Final 32

I ended up playing De Luna again in the first elimination round. There seemed to be a lot of repeat matches in this particular tournament. For the record.

I started off strong gaining a 3-0 lead. Then the Pool gods started to smile on De Luna.

The referee had a really hard time racking the pool properly, which was in De Luna's favor. He really breaks the balls so hard that eventually at least one of the balls finds a pocket to go to. I on the other hand prefer a more accurate break which wasn't very rewarding in this case. It was almost funny how the rack spread. I think one the breaks I barely got three balls to touch a rail.

On top of having difficulties getting balls on the break I got rattled by the filipino crowd a bit. Some of them were cheering when I scratched or even missed. Its sometimes hard to fade when things are not going your way to begin with. I wish the crowd was more educated about this. Its one thing rooting for your countryman, but yelling "scratch!" even before the cue ball is in the pocket is outright rude and obnoxious.

I lost 11-6. So it was a disappointment.


Katrina said...

Hello Mika! I am sorry about how the Filipino spectators had behaved in your match against De Luna so that you found it rude and obnoxious.
I'm a Filipino fan of yours. And I really adore things about you from your looks to your composure and stature in each match you played. And it was sad that you've lost over Pagulayan in the World Pool Masters. Nevertheless, I will still be supporting you. And I guess, there will be many others like me around the world who will do the same.