Wednesday, October 22

4th Rnd Victory

Still going strong. I started again with 4 run-outs. It's always a nice way to start. Well I was all the way up to a 8-1 lead when all of a sudden Nick Varner started to make his comeback. I did have a couple unforced errors in the mid-game, but I went ahead 9-4 after Nick missed a relatively easy 9ball combo.

In the end my break wasn't going as smooth as in the beginning and Nick was making the 1ball in the side a lot. Finally at 10-6 he had a dry break and I was able to play two safeties in which the latter one he missed completely. With ball in hand I cruised passed the finish line. Phew!

Tomorrow I play Shawn Putnam at 7pm.




Bogee said...

Go Mika!!!

straightshooter said...

You've been shooting awesome all week.

Just finished watching you beat Johnny Archer in a grueling match. Way to go.This is your year!!!


Say hi to C.Pao and Jay/Poolmonkey

Maman/Papa said...

Mika just saw you win the title, congrats, you looked amazing and you continue to be an inspiration. Good luck in Malta.