Sunday, March 1

I won the Predator Tour Stop at Comet Billiards

I came through the losers bracket to make it this time around.

I beat Frankie Hernandez 9-0 earlier. That gave me a feeling I might
go all the way.

I was breaking well also. So when it came down to the match against
Tony Robles in the semi's, I was ready. I beat him 9-3.

In the finals I was up against the winner of the last stop, Ignacio
I was strong out of the "gate", running a couple of racks and even
winning on his break. Chavez struggled to rack well fir himself anyways.
I ended up keeping my lead with steady stream of runs, and ended with
a scoreline of 11-4.



Michael ("FastMikie") McCafferty said...

Mika, the Invincible Iceman!

Big ups, dude.

What's the secret?